The History of Tranby House

Tranby House, known today as Hessle High School, was built in 1807 by John Barkworth a Hull Merchant who made his fortune in the shipping industry. The house was inherited and lived in by successive generations of Barkworths until Algernon Barkworth’s death in 1945 when it was bequeathed to the local education authority to become a school.

Tranby House

Tranby House

Algernon Barkworth was well known in the Hessle area for being one of the few survivors of the fateful Titanic. Having jumped 30ft from the ship as it was sinking he managed to swim to the collapsed lifeboat B and was finally rescued by the Carpathia.

According to the 1911 census Tranby House had 25 rooms, some for the family and others for servants and other uses. The House although modest stood in a large expanse of open grounds with a long sweeping drive featuring plants either side.

According to the Hessle High Log Book Tranby House became a school in 1947 where it still proudly sits as the centre piece of Hessle High School today. Although most of the outbuildings were demolished and rooms were changed from drawing rooms to a staff lounge and classrooms and additions to the building have been made, the house still retains it’s original grandeur.

In 1967 Tranby House became a Grade II listed building ensuring its heritage and architecture are protected.