Sports Premium

At Penshurst Primary School we work hard to provide high quality physical education (PE) lessons and extra-curricular activities. We deliver a wide range of PE to our pupils, with the aim to engage and inspire all. Our children participate in dance, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and team games (both net/wall and invasion) sessions, all of which develop the important skills required for further sporting achievement.

Lessons are taught by our school teaching staff and Hessle High School PE staff. Extra curricular sporting activities are provided by Fit For Fun, a specialist sports teaching company associated with Penshurst Primary School. We also have other external providers for block and one-off sessions.

Our extra-curricular programme is extensive and includes morning / lunch / after school clubs, regular sporting fixtures, and both intra-school and inter-school competitions. Please visit the ‘clubs’ link for more information and the newsletter link for pictures and blogs of our sporting involvement.

Our school is a Sports Partnership member; this is a network of schools working collaboratively and which includes local primary schools and West Hull secondary schools. Through this, we access a sporting calendar, which includes local competitions, county competitions and continuing professional development for staff across the schools.

We appoint Sports Leaders at Penshurst Primary School in order to ensure that all children, from the youngest to the oldest, have access to positive physical experiences during play sessions.

In addition to PE lessons, throughout the school our children learn how to keep healthy in their science lessons. They learn how to eat healthy, balanced diets and how to exercise appropriately.

There has been a far greater uptake of after school clubs due to the diversity of sports on offer. This is also reflected in the number of pupils attending breakfast club where the average attendance has risen from 25 pupils to 65 pupils per day.

Behaviour logs show a dramatic decrease in the number of reported incidents at lunchtime due to the extra sporting provision that is now offered to pupils occupying a far greater proportion of children in active games. First aid logs show a decrease in accidents at lunchtimes in both Key Stage1 and Key Stage 2.

The equipment, kit and coaching has ensured we now have full teams at sporting fixtures and our ability to attend events has greatly improved.
Retention of pupils on the school teams is now more successful which has resulted in many victories in the competitions.

Gifted and talented provision is now firmly in place for those pupils across Key Stage 2 who show promise in a range of sports. This has in turn raised the esteem of the pupils involved and has resulted in accelerated progress across the curriculum.The sports coaches have played a vital part in being effective role models for the pupils.

Primary School PE and Sport Funding

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