Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors play a key role within our school.  Student Ambassadors have the opportunity to become a role model and vital players within school improvement activities whilst also take part in gaining life skills like communication and leadership.

Student Ambassadors need to be outgoing, motivated members of the team, who not only provide support for a project, but benefit from it too!  As well as helping to build confidence, the work that Ambassador's undertake looks great on their CV, and they receive a certificate as proof of taking part.

A range of students were invited to a discussion about what is involved in the programme and our expectations.  These students were highlighted as potential candidates from a whole school questionnaire.  From there an application process was an opportunity for the students to sell their skills and strengths.

Currently we have five Students Ambassadors from Years 8-10 plus five Sixth Formers including our Head Boy and Girl.

After the team had met several times it was decided to assign groups based on their strengths.

  • Communication Ambassador
  • Well-being Ambassador
  • Activities Ambassador
  • Community Ambassador
  • Education Ambassador

The aim of each group is for a Sixth Former to take the lead working with staff in order to facilitate an Ambassador in their tasks to:

  • Promote the school ethos, in and out of school
  • Arrange Primary school visits and support Year 6 Open Evening
  • Advertise and track after school activities in all subject areas
  • Highlighting where to go for guidance and support with any issue
  • Promote safety and good behaviour around school
  • Communicate all different areas of school news

Going forward, for the next couple of months the Ambassadors will play a fundamental role in establishing how students take a mature responsibility for our new school whilst offering support until students find their bearing.  This will involve break and lunch duties, role modelling behaviour and reinforcing the school code of conduct.  In the future, the Ambassadors will be seen as a key part of our school management team.