Term Dates 2016-2017

Academic Year

Autumn Term Dates
Beginning of New Academic Year
(Years 7,11,12 and 13 only)
Tuesday 6 September 2016
Beginning of New Academic Year (All students) Wednesday 7 September 2016
School closes for Half Term Friday 21 October 2016
School re-opens Monday 31 October 2016
End of Term Friday 16 December 2016
Spring Term Dates
Beginning of Term Wednesday 4 January 2017
Close for Half Term Friday 17 February 2017
School re-opens Monday 27 February 2017
End of Term Friday 7 April 2017
Summer Term Dates
Beginning of Term Tuesday 25 April 2017
Bank Holiday Monday 1 May 2017
Close for Half Term Friday 26 May 2017
School re-opens Monday 5 June 2017
End of Academic Year Friday 21 July 2017 (school closes at 2.00pm)

In accordance with the Board of Governors' policy student holidays will not be authorised during the academic year. It is essential that students attend school to ensure they reach full potential. Contact the Attendance Manager for further details.

Please note that external GCSE and A Level examinations are no longer concentrated in May and June but are spread throughout the school calendar.

Other events are organised throughout the year and parents will be notified.

2017-2018 Term and Holiday Dates

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