School Meals Service

Following a consultation period with a number of school catering companies we are delighted to inform you that from 24th February 2014 our fabulous new meals service will be supplied by Chartwells. They are a large, national company with an excellent reputation both in the education sector and beyond.

Chartwells will ensure that all learners are provided with:

  • High quality meal provision
  • A range of choice for all learners each day
  • An opportunity for learners to be involved in special ‘theme days’
  • Opportunities for learners to experience different cultural foods
  • Easy transactions for school meals to be retained for parents

Chartwells will be offering an extensive breakfast provision at Hessle High School, whilst at Penshurst Primary School the breakfast club will continue as usual with access for all children. There will be no change to lunchtimes at the current time.

Those learnerss entitled to a free school lunch will continue to be provided for in exactly the same way. For anyone who requires additional information regarding the free school meals process please contact the Finance Team on 01482 648604.

The ParentPay system remains the method of payment for school lunches, trips and visits with login details remaining unchanged. In the event of a cheque being used to pay for school meals ONLY, please make it payable to Chartwells. We would be grateful if parents could identify the amounts being paid for school uniform/visits and those funds paid in for school meals.

Please see the menus and leaflets provided by Chartwells for your information.

We will be conducting surveys with learners and parents over the life of the contract with Chartwells and as ever are keen to receive your views.

  • Hessle High Menu
  • Hessle High Prices
  • Chartwells School Meals