2016  Penshurst Primary School key stage 2 assessment headlines

Number of pupils 40

This year all Year 6 pupils have taken the new assessments for Key Stage 2 based on new curriculum content. The pupils have been tested at a considerably higher level than before and we are all extremely proud of this fantastic set of results.

EXS = pupils working at expected standard

GDS = pupils working at a greater depth witihn the expected standard

Average Scaled Score = All pupils' scores added together and averaged

KS2 2015-2016 National % School %
Combined Reading, Writing, Maths 53 78
Writing EXS 74 90
Writing GDS 15 30
Reading EXS 66 93
Reading GDS 19 28
Averaged Scaled Score 102.6 105.8
Maths EXS 70 83
Maths GDS 17 28
Average Scaled Score 103 107.3
Grammar EXS 72 93
Grammar GDS     23 33
Average Scaled Score 104 106.8

The key stage 2 national curriculum tests are designed to test children's knowledge and understanding of specific elements of the key stage 2 programmes of study. They provide a snapshot of a child’s attainment at the end of the key stage.