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  • WEEK 17 - Friday 21 January 2022

    Published 21/01/22

    I would like to start this week’s blog with a huge ‘well done‘ to all the pupils in school, with Covid causing many ongoing issues with staffing this week,  the pupils have been taught by a mixture of school staff and supply teachers. This can be particularly tricky for our younger learners who thrive on consistency and familiarity, however all classes affected have been brilliant and carried on with their learning while maintaining a positive attitude and behaving fantastically.

    Many of the supply teachers have been quick to tell me how lovely our school and its pupils are, and I couldn’t agree more. I would also include staff for a round of applause as current absence is challenging and creates a lot of extra workload for those who are still in school. We have taken the step to return to class bubbles in Year 5 for a week due to a rising number of cases and will review this next Friday. Unfortunately we have had to close Year 1 for a day as well for a deep clean following a sharp incline in both pupil and staff cases in this year group. Please continue to test your child regularly.

    It’s a little bit like Deja vu as we continue having to cancel certain events and gatherings to ensure we are all kept as safe as possible. This has extended to our SEN pop in days as well which we are moving back to the end of February to ensure we have the appropriate staff available to conduct these meetings properly. None of  this is stopping the learning and fun in school however and if you were to visit a classroom ,you would never know anything was different.

    Reminder - no clubs until half term.

    This week a little boy in Year 1 stopped me in the corridor and said, ‘Mrs Spencer, we are all really bored of the virus now so could you please make it go away so we can sing again together ‘. I only wish I had the power! Seeing all the children together in the hall is one of the best bits of the job as we really are such a big family at Penshurst and all the staff miss this aspect of the school day. The same boy then proceeded to sing the Penshurst song to me, complete with actions and the school value rap to prove he could still remember it!

    If you ever struggle to remember the school values, just ask your child to sing the Penshurst song as they are all in there! I have certainly appreciated the ‘resilience ‘ of everyone in school this week.

    Can we please be mindful of congestion around the gates leading into school. This is a particular problem at the Winthorpe entrance where the gate is a single one. We would ask that you don’t block the gate when meeting other parents and move further down the path or onto the playground to have a chat.

    On a final note, you will know a new external catering company started catering for the school in September, and they would like you to fill in the attached survey for feedback by 31 January 2022. Please complete it with your child, if your child stays for school dinners so they can see what the children like or don't like:

    Have a great weekend

    Mrs J Spencer

    Head of School

    Flu vaccination catch up                                       Tuesday   12 January
    SEND Pop in day (optional)                                  Thursday 27 Friday 28 January 
    Jorvik Y3 trip                                                          Monday 31 January
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  • WEEK 16 - Friday 14 January 2022

    Published 14/01/22

    This week we have been talking in school about homework and how best to ensure that it meets the needs of our children. It is such a controversial topic at Primary School as parents really are split 50/50 in any survey we send out about the use/amount/type of homework that is given to children. I have yet to meet a sample of parents who all agree on this topic! We seem to fall in line with most of the local schools in focusing on Reading, times tables and spellings as these underpin everything else we need to cover in school.

    We have come to the general consensus that little and often is the way forward concentrating on the basics. We currently ask that the children read for 10 minutes every day as part of the School Pledge and after talking to the children we have decided to send out Reading records again to record three of these sessions. Children have told us that they enjoyed being ‘Reader of the Week’ and getting penguins for reading. This will be in place after half term.

    Children in EYFS, Year1 and some of Year 2 bring home books matched to their phonic ability and these match the scheme we use in school: Read Write Inc. These books are incredibly expensive though so please ensure your child is returning the book each week. In KS2, children bring home books that match their reading level and choose their own book from our library.

    Alongside the reading homework, we set the online Times Table Rockstars to help the children master this area of maths. In Year 4, pupils are required to take a national multiplication test and this online homework will really help them to achieve good results in this test. All children from Years 2 - 6 now have a Times Tables Rockstars login. Research shows that five minutes of practice every day on the website or app increases their recall speed of times tables and having the ability to recall their times tables from memory improves Maths knowledge. By the end of Year 2, pupils are expected to know their 2s, 5s and 10 times tables. By the end of Year 3, pupils are expected to know their 3s, 4s and 8s, and by the end of Year 4, pupils are expected to know all times tables up to 12 x 12.Challenges have been set by your child's teacher so please log on and practise as and when you can!

    Finally, there are spellings to do! We have slightly altered the spellings as we will now be sending out the ‘Penshurst 30’ spelling list. These must be achieved in order to move back onto the more difficult spelling sets on Purple Mash. The reasoning behind this is that these words are the most incorrectly spelt throughout every year group and it is so important that we fix this issue. Year 1 will continue to have spellings that match their phonic learning.

    I know what many of you will be thinking… How on earth do people fit this all in?  As a busy working mum of two I completely understand the juggling act. Remember most children from Year 3 up can manage this on their own so it is mainly our youngest learners who need the support the most. I certainly don't have all the answers but I used to use car trips to their dance and sporting clubs to go through spellings or listen to them read while I cooked dinner. I suppose it is about finding that 5-10 minutes where you can and sometimes multi-tasking has to be the answer.

    Our main priority is that whatever the pupils are set for homework makes a difference to their learning in school. If you are having any difficulties with completing or accessing the homework, please talk to your class teacher or any of our subject leaders in school. 

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Mrs J Spencer

    Head of School

    Dates to remember:
    SEND Pop in day (optional)                                  Thursday 27 Friday 28 January 
    Jorvik Y3 trip                                                          Monday 31 January
    Parents Evening                                                     Monday 21 Wednesday 23 March
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  • WEEK 15 - Friday 7 January 2022

    Published 07/01/22

    Welcome back and Happy New Year

    It has been great to see the children running into school this week and this eagerness can also be seen in their learning in the classroom. Hook Day was superb fun with many children dressing up for the occasion to celebrate their new theme.

    Please accept your invitation to Google Classroom again if you have not done so as this is where work is set for children. Teachers will be going through passwords in class with the children but the office does hold copies if you require a password for any of the online sites we use. I genuinely hoped not to have to mention COVID this year but it seems that it may be an issue for a while longer. We do have some absence due to COVID positive cases and so please be vigilant if your child presents with symptoms and continue doing lateral flow tests where possible.

    At the moment, the planned trips are still going ahead however, this may be subject to change and if they are cancelled we will update you as soon as possible and postpone them to a future date. You will have now received notification of after school clubs being cancelled and I must say it has been done with a heavy heart as we recognise how important these are to the pupils and parents. However, we must take every step necessary to ensure the safe running of the school over the next few weeks. 

    This term is generally where we see children fly in their learning as they begin to consolidate the autumn terms learning and build upon it. Parents' Evenings will discuss progress in core subjects and will be held remotely. Please bear in mind that these only last five minutes and if you require a longer conversation about a particular issue, then you will need to arrange a further meeting. For those children who receive additional intervention in school and are on the SEND register, there will be an optional pop in day to book an appointment to discuss your child’s individual learning plan. Appointments will be able to be booked online but we will aim to conduct these meetings face to face where possible. We will send more information about these appointments with the booking forms.

    On a final note, can we please ensure that all medication is taken to the school office where a form must be filled in to allow the medicine to be stored and administered. Please do not give medication to other school staff to keep or allow children to have it with them. We only administer medicine that is required 4x a day as any other doses can be given at home.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Mrs J Spencer

    Head of School


    Dates to remember:    
    Flu vaccination catch up                                      Tuesday 12 January
    SEND Pop in day (optional)                                 Thursday 27 Friday 28 January 
    SmART trip                                                             Friday 28 January
    Jorvik Y3 trip                                                          Monday 31 January
    Parents Evening                                                     Monday 21 Wednesday 23 March
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  • WEEK 14 - Friday 17 December 2021

    Published 17/12/21

    Dates to remember:

    Start of term                                      Wednesday 5 January 2022

    Young Voices Trip                            Thursday 6 January 2022

    Flu immunisation (Catch up)          Wednesday 12 January 2022

    SmART Club Trip                              Friday 28 January 2022

    Y3 Yorvik Trip                                    Monday 31 January 2022

    Merry Christmas!

    We have all made it to the end of term intact with productions completed, parties held, Christmas dinners eaten and a full curriculum taught! Although absolutely exhausting for parents, staff and pupils, it is with a great sense of achievement that we break up for the festive holidays; this is the first term in a long while with no disruptions to learning, no isolations and no remote working and it feels brilliant to be back doing what we do best…teaching, learning and having fun.

    On a less festive note…...we are having quite a lot of cases of nits in the school so please check your child's hair carefully and treat accordingly. I would suggest that you tie long hair back to avoid further cases. None of us want these unwanted visitors at the Christmas table!

    After Christmas you will receive your child's progress report. This is the first bout of formal testing that the children have completed fully in a while so please do not be alarmed if they are ‘working towards’ rather than ‘working at’ and or ‘working above’. Working towards covers a broad range of levels so if you wish to discuss this further, please contact your class teacher although this will of course be discussed at the next Parents Evening. In future reports, we will be adding a new column to indicate if your child is working further below the ‘working towards’ statement. This will be an indication that your child needs intervention in this subject.  Again, this will be discussed in teacher/parent evenings.

    Of course, school is about much more than a simple set of test results and I am very proud of all of our children this term as they have adjusted to being back in school full time, meeting the challenge of filling any gaps in their knowledge and performing in the end of term productions. They have managed all of this with good grace, humour and a smile.

    I hope that you all manage to have a fantastic Christmas and recharge the batteries for the long winter months ahead. I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Mrs J Spencer 

    Head of School

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  • WEEK 13 - Friday 10 December 2021

    Published 10/12/21

    Dates to remember:   

    Year 5 Swimming       Wednesdays and Thursdays until 16 December

    Productions                 Y4-6 Tuesday 14 December 1.30-2.30pm at All Saints Church, Hessle

    Flu immunisation        Wednesday 15 December 

    Christmas Lunch        Wednesday 15 December

    Last day of term          Christmas Jumper Day

    Friday 17 December 1.30pm close

    I would firstly like to thank you for the messages of support we have received regarding cancelling the school fair and maintaining the productions. It is always difficult to manage these situations especially when all around are cancelling. Any perishable goods that have been donated (such as chocolate) have been put into the year group hampers, raffles or sweet drives. We also donated advent calendars and other goods to the Bridgewater Factory appeal therefore ensuing our local community benefits from your donations. 

    We are nearly at the end of term and there are still a number of events still to take place in what will be a busy week.

    Firstly, on Tuesday, we will be holding our Open Event in the nursery.  This has been well promoted in the area but, if you have not seen the information that has been sent out, it can be found here.  Please also pass on the message to anyone in your family or community who you think this may be appropriate for.  

    We then have  just two  Christmas productions left to do. FS1’s nativity will go ahead as planned as we have very low numbers attending as it is a small year group. We feel completely safe with the extra measures such as reduced numbers and wearing of masks that we have in school.

    As it stands, we are still planning to go ahead with the Year 4/5/6 production on Tuesday afternoon at the Church as it is a big space which is well ventilated (one might even say freezing cold!). However, after doing the pre visit with the children, it became apparent that we must put further measures in place to safeguard everyone particularly as there is a social distancing measure currently in place at the Church which would not accommodate the normal numbers.  Below is a list of the additional measures we are putting in place to ensure the production goes ahead:

    • One adult only per child to attend who will be signed in on the door to reduce numbers
    • Masks to be worn at all times
    • Parents to sit in Year group sections to encourage distancing 
    • Children to be walked back to school by staff after the performance to avoid the mixing that normally takes place at the end of the show. Children will not be allowed to leave with their parent.

    I am sure many of you will be disappointed that we are reducing numbers but please be aware this is essential in meeting the East Riding criteria to put on a production in COVID times. We are hoping that with these additional measures we are safe to continue and will only cancel if the situation in school changes where we find ourselves with escalating cases or staff absence.

    This leads me nicely onto Christmas parties…. These will still go ahead in year groups on the last Friday in the morning and as it is before lunchtime this year, we will only be having a few snacks. We will provide drinks, fruit and some supplementary bits and bobs. We would kindly ask that you send in packaged biscuits, buns, crisps and fruit so we can ensure all children have a snack to enjoy while partying the morning away! If your child has an allergy we will ensure there are some food bits however you may feel that you wish to plate them up some bits to eat as pre-packaged items very often state that the product may include nuts.

    Mrs J Spencer 

    Head of School

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  • WEEK 12 - Friday 3 December 2021

    Published 06/12/21

    Dates to remember:   

    Year 5 Swimming       Wednesdays and Thursdays from 24 November

    Staff Training Day       Friday 10 December (school closed to pupils)

    Productions    Y1        Wednesday 8 December 1.30-2.00pm & Thursday 9 December 9.30-10.00am

                              Y4-6     Tuesday 14 December 1.30-2.15pm at Hessle All Saints Church 

    Flu immunisation       Wednesday 15 December 

    Christmas Lunch        Wednesday 15 December

    Last day of term         Friday 17 Dec 1.30 finish       

    I am writing this fresh from watching the Y2/3 Christmas production and I am certainly beginning to feel the Christmas spirit. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure all children get a chance to perform this Christmas. It is a tricky balance to keep all of the work going while rehearsing as well and I applaud the children for being so brilliant!

    We are hopeful that with the risk assessments we have done that we will be able to complete our production schedule but I do fear for the Y4, 5, 6 production purely due to the numbers involved, which take us into the realms of Christmas Fayre numbers, in an enclosed space. Whatever happens we will still go ahead with a performance in school that may be able to be recorded for parents to view. I will let you know as soon as we make that decision. Please bear with us as the situation changes daily and most local schools have cancelled all festive activities now.

    We recently sent out a survey regarding support for children with additional needs and this has been invaluable in helping us adjust some of our communication strategies already. It does seem that online forms are the way forward for us to collect information and so we will continue to use this method to collect parent voice as it is quick and efficient and does not take too much of your time to complete. Thank you again for participating in such high numbers.

    Unfortunately we do have a few cases of nits in some of our year groups so please be vigilant and I would suggest long hair is tied back.

    With an escalation of COVID cases in local schools it would be prudent to take a LFD if your child is unwell and, if showing covid symptoms, book a PCR test. The cases are manageable at the moment but other schools are not faring well and have had to make a return to remote learning. We will continue to send children home who present with symptoms in school so you can take them for a PCR test but please be vigilant at home as well.

    Have a lovely (snowy?) weekend.

    Mrs J Spencer 

    Head of School

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  • WEEK 11 - Friday 26 November 2021

    Published 06/12/21

    Dates to remember:   

    Year 5 Swimming       Wednesdays and Thursdays from 24 November

    Christmas Fair            Wednesday 1 December

    Staff Training Day        Friday 10 December

    Productions    FS2      25 November 1.30-2.30pm and 26 November 10.00-11.00am

                             Y1        8 December 1.30-2.00pm and 9 December 9.30-10.00am

                             Y2/3    Wednesday 1 Dec 1.30-2.30pm, Thursday 2 Dec 1.30-2.30pm and Friday 3 December                                     10.00-11.00am 

                             Y4-6    Tuesday 14 December 1.30-2.15pm at Hessle All Saints Church 

    Flu immunisation        Wednesday 15 December 

    Christmas Lunch        Wednesday 15 December

    Last day of term          Friday 17 Dec 1.30 finish       

    Over the next couple of months, we will be seeking your opinions on a number of school activities and provision via Google forms and we have begun this by sending questionnaires to parents of children with additional needs. We are looking to improve communication with parents and check that we are doing everything possible in school to provide the right care for individuals. It has been impossible to have parents into school over the past two years and so we are really starting to focus on rebuilding face to face communication and making sure you are best informed about your child. 

    Every school is entitled to extra money to help children whose parents access the following criteria:

    • Income Support
    • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
    • income-related Employment and Support Allowance
    • the guaranteed element of Pension Credit
    • Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
    • Working Tax Credit run-on - paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
    • Universal Credit - if you apply on or after 1 April 2018 your household income must be less than £7,400 a year (after tax and not including any benefits you get)

    It is really important that we know if you access any of the above as we can then receive extra money in school to help your child. This could be in the form of extra staffing or maybe resources. It can also help to fund clubs, trips, the Nurture room and breakfast clubs ensuring we can continue with these provisions.

    Please fill in the form we are sending home as soon as you can as it may just be that you do qualify and we can access additional support for your child in school. It is really important that you fill this in even if your child receives universal free school meals as it will still bring extra money into school to use in the classroom. We need your help to access this extra money.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Mrs Spencer

    Head of School

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  • WEEK 10 - Friday 19 November

    Published 19/11/21

    Dates to remember:  

    Year 5 Swimming        Wednesdays and Thursdays from 24 November

    Choir-Hessle Lights     Friday 26 November

    Christmas Fair              Wednesday 1 December

    Productions   FS1        13 December 2.15pm and 14 December 10.30-11.00am

                            FS2        25 November 1.30-2.00pm and 26 November 10.00-11.00am

                            Y1          8 December 2.00-2.45pm and  9 December 9.30-10.00am

                            Y2/3      Wednesday 1 Dec 1.15-2.00pm, Thursday 2 Dec 2.00-3.00pm 

                                           and Friday 3 December 10.00-11.00am

                             Y4-6      Tuesday 14 December 1.30-2.15pm at Hessle All Saints Church

    Flu immunisation        Wednesday 15 December (changed date by provider) 

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  • WEEK 9 - Friday 12 November 2021

    Published 15/11/21

    This week we have had photographers in school taking pictures of the children in classrooms and outside playing for our school brochures and external marketing. We only took pictures of those children with permission...

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  • WEEK 8 - Friday 5 November 2021

    Published 05/11/21


    Dates to remember:

    Parents Evening                                Monday 8 and Wednesday 10 November

    Year 5 Swimming                               Wednesdays and Thursdays from 24 November

    Choir - Hessle Lights                         Friday 26 November

    Christmas Fair                                    Wednesday 1 December

    Flu immunisation                               Wednesday 12 January

    It has been a brilliant week in school with the first day back ‘hooking’ the children into their new theme. It was lovely to see so many children dressed up for this. You should now have received details of all the hook dress up days which always fall on the first day back after a holiday. Another dress up occasion went particularly well in the form of the ‘Monster Pyjama party’ and I hope all the children enjoyed their first school disco.

    In addition to the hook day, we have also begun holding assemblies in the hall again and I cannot explain how emotional it was to see the whole school together again after two years although we had also forgotten how much of a squeeze it is to get 500 children in the hall at the same time! The children were remarkably well behaved and I am pleased to say have not forgotten all of our songs. I was particularly proud of our Year 1 pupils who have never been to the hall for assembly before and they really did sit beautifully and joined in with everything.

    Please ensure that your child has their PE kit every day –if you need to take it home during the week, please bring it back in. With the change in weather, PE often has to move around and it is important that children access the PE curriculum. Please remember that your child cannot access PE with earrings in which means they miss it for six weeks - summer holidays is an ideal time to get them booked in. Also, can we please have coats in every day as it so often rains just as lunchtime hits and we do try and at least get the children out for a run around and fresh air. 

    I have been out and about looking at the impact of the safer streets scheme and on the whole have found it to be positive. The council, the local MP and I have received a couple of complaints from residents on Penshurst Avenue about parents parking across their drives and blocking them from getting out. To be fair this is not a new problem and has rumbled on ever since I became Head in 2012. All I ask is that you show respect for the residents and do not block their driveways. We have always recommended that you park away from the school and walk to the Penshurst entrance to avoid the congestion. 

    Christmas is a heartbeat away now and we have already started rehearsing for some of our earlier performances and we are all incredibly excited to have this part of school life restored after so long. Tickets will in the first instance be two per family and will then go on general sale on ParentPay - we will send a text when they are ready to purchase.

    Production dates:

    FS1      13 December 2.15                   14 December 10.30 - 11.00

    FS2      25 November 1.30 - 2.30        26 November 10.00 - 11.00

    Y1        8 December 1.30 - 2.00           9 December 9.30 -10.00

    Y2/3    Wednesday 1 Dec 1.30 - 2.30 Thursday 2 Dec 1.30 - 2.30 Friday 3 December 10.00 - 11.00

    Y4-6     Tuesday 14 December 1.30 - 2.15 at Hessle All Saints Church 

    Mrs J Spencer 

    Head of School




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  • WEEK 7 - Friday 22 October 2021

    Published 22/10/21

    Dates to remember:         

    Monster Pyjama Party     Monday 1 November

                                                 FS2 and Year 1 - 4:30-5:30pm

                                                 Year 2, 3 and 4 - 5:45-6:45pm

                                                 Year 5 and 6 - 7pm-8pm 

    Non Uniform Day              Friday 5 November

    Parents Evening                Monday 8 and Wednesday 10 November

    Year 5 Swimming              Wednesdays and Thursdays from November 24 

    Flu immunisation              Thursday 2 December

    It has been the first half term in a while when we have not had to send classes home or teach online and I must say it has been refreshing to return to near normality. Classrooms are buzzing with children sitting in groups again, discussing their work and sharing ideas. It has been a pleasure to walk around the school and see children helping each other with their learning as we all know two heads can be better than one!

    We are really focusing on times tables next term in every spare minute that we have as this appears to be a real issue in most classes from Year 3 upwards. It is incredibly hard to access any new maths concept if you do not have a sound understanding of times tables. From Year 4, children are expected to know by heart all of the times tables up to 12 x12 and be able to both recite them in order and answer random questions. Therefore we really need your help to embed times tables at home either using Purple Mash, Times Table Rock Stars or by simply chanting them in order.

    As you will see above in the date’s section, Year 5 are due to start the swimming lessons that they missed in Year 4 due to school closures. As the local swimming pools are struggling to fit in all of the year groups, they have changed the schedule and we will be taking our pupils on a Wednesday and Thursday morning for four weeks which will replace the PE sessions they have in school.  A Google Form for your permission will be sent out during the first week back.

    The non-uniform day on Friday 5 November is the day that we ask all of you to bring a piece of chocolate for the Christmas Fair prizes. Teachers will collect the chocolate in their room and Mrs Smith will make them into amazing Christmas arrangements to sell to raise funds.

    We have also had contact from the immunisation team who will be coming into school to dispense flu vaccinations to pupils. All arrangements for the vaccinations are done by the immunisations team and we will send you their link following this blog for you to give permission if you wish your child to receive the vaccination. We do not keep any lists at all in school as they collate the information centrally and tell us on the day which children are to be vaccinated.

    After half term, we will let you know the Christmas production dates and details of ticket sales –we begin with FS2 at the end of November in order to fit all year groups in before Christmas. The process will be the same as previously with two tickets allocated to each child and then a general sale if any additional tickets are available.

    I hope you have a peaceful half term and the children are rested and ready for the very busy term to come.

    Mrs J Spencer 

    Head of School

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  • WEEK 6 - Friday 15 October 2021

    Published 15/10/21

    Dates to remember:

    FS1/2 Spooky Spectacular  Thursday 21 October Optional Dress Up

    Y5/6 boys Football final  Wednesday 20 October   South Hunsley 4.30-6.00        

    End of term Thursday 21 October (return on Monday 1 November)

    Monster Pyjama Party  Monday 1 November

    FS2 and Year 1 - 4:30-5:30pm

    Year 2, 3 and 4 - 5:45-6:45pm

    Year 5 and 6 - 7pm-8pm 

    Parents Evening  Monday 8November and Wednesday 10 November

    I will begin with a thank you to all of the parents we have spoken to regarding uniforms. The large majority of pupils are now dressed entirely appropriately and in line with our school policy. There still remain a couple of issues with leggings which need resolving (leggings are not appropriate for school) but we are really pleased with the cooperation from parents. 

    The main topic of conversation this week in our senior leadership meetings has been around social media. The internet is of course a marvellous tool and the many social media platforms are in the main used respectfully. However in the past few weeks we have seen a rise in inappropriate use of social media by our pupils outside school which we have been made aware of.  

    As a staff we follow the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ guidance and it is our duty to follow up any misuse of social media that we are party to. The guidance states: staff should be aware that technology is a significant component in many safeguarding and wellbeing issues. Children are at risk of abuse online as well as face to face. In many cases abuse will take place concurrently via online channels and in daily life. Children can also abuse their peers online, this can take the form of abusive, harassing, and misogynistic messages. We do record these incidents as cyber bullying and will contact parents of both the pupils who have posted unkind comments and the parents of the ‘victim’.

    We are particularly concerned with the misuse of platforms such as ‘Tiktok’ and ‘Snapchat’ where we have had some very unkind content posted among peers. These are even more dangerous as they disappear when posted or can be easily deleted. We would urge you to screen capture or video any messages that your child receives that concern you for evidence. We do talk to the children in school about these incidents and advise parents to contact the police in extreme circumstances as they are classed as malicious communication. It is very difficult for us to monitor communication outside school but inevitably this activity spills into school and has an adverse effect on friendships and behaviour.

    The minimum age requirements for most social media platforms is 13 and therefore none of our pupils at Penshurst should be accessing these platforms:

    13 years            Instagram, Facebook, Snapshot

    16 years            Whatsapp

    18 years            YouTube

    If you have made a decision to allow your children to access these sites, the NSPCC advises that you monitor their activity closely to avoid any harm coming to them or others. We have had visits from the PCSO and East Riding behaviour team in the last six months to talk to the children about this problem and will continue to work with them to help our pupils understand that their actions online have consequences.

    In other news our Y5/6 girls football team played in a tournament on Monday night and did fantastically well winning one match, drawing three and losing one. Well done girls! Not bad for a first ever go! The boys final takes place on the 20 October - good luck boys!

    After half term the school choir will resume on a Friday after school -this is open to Y4, 5 and 6 initially and is quite a commitment as we are often asked to sing at events such as the Hessle Light Switch on and at various establishments around Hessle. A Google form will be sent out to sign up and it will be first come, first serve. Please only fill it in if your child is truly interested in singing as we work really hard to get to a high level and dedication and exemplary behaviour is a must in this provision.

    For those of you still planning on visiting the Fair - have a great time.  Otherwise have a restful weekend.

    Mrs J Spencer 

    Head of School

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