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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 4 - Friday 29 September 2023

Our sporty pupils have got off to a fantastic start this year; just this week, one particularly speedy Year 6 girl, Clara, made it through to the cross country finals (finishing 3rd in her heat), which are to be held at Cottingham High School. A massive well done to all who took part, and best of luck to Clara for the next round. 

Next week (Tuesday 3rd), our Year 5/6 footballers take part in a match at Wolfreton. Best of luck to all playing. Having covered the Year 5 football club (in heels, badly) this week, I am confident that our team have the skills to smash it! 

In other news, next week (Thursday 5th) your child will be having their individual school photographs taken. Please ensure they are wearing the correct uniform and their widest smiles! 

Polite reminder: if someone else is collecting your child, please, whenever possible, inform the office or your child’s teacher before 12 noon so that these messages are passed on and you are not inconvenienced by having to wait. Thank you. 

Prevent and Countering Extremism in Young People  

Advice and Guidance for Parents and Carers 

Any child could be susceptible to extremist narratives. 

There are some factors that may make some children more susceptible than others. 

Extremist groups tap into young people's insecurities and claim to offer answers and promise a sense of identity that young people often seek.  

As part of their recruitment strategy, extremist groups also work to undermine the authority of parents and guardians. This is often done online whilst the children are playing games.  

Please find attached further information regarding this here

The weeks are speeding by! Have (another) fantastic weekend and see you next week for the next instalment! 

Mrs Preston

Head of School