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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 14 - Friday 17 December 2021

Dates to remember:

Start of term                                      Wednesday 5 January 2022

Young Voices Trip                            Thursday 6 January 2022

Flu immunisation (Catch up)          Wednesday 12 January 2022

SmART Club Trip                              Friday 28 January 2022

Y3 Yorvik Trip                                    Monday 31 January 2022

Merry Christmas!

We have all made it to the end of term intact with productions completed, parties held, Christmas dinners eaten and a full curriculum taught! Although absolutely exhausting for parents, staff and pupils, it is with a great sense of achievement that we break up for the festive holidays; this is the first term in a long while with no disruptions to learning, no isolations and no remote working and it feels brilliant to be back doing what we do best…teaching, learning and having fun.

On a less festive note…...we are having quite a lot of cases of nits in the school so please check your child's hair carefully and treat accordingly. I would suggest that you tie long hair back to avoid further cases. None of us want these unwanted visitors at the Christmas table!

After Christmas you will receive your child's progress report. This is the first bout of formal testing that the children have completed fully in a while so please do not be alarmed if they are ‘working towards’ rather than ‘working at’ and or ‘working above’. Working towards covers a broad range of levels so if you wish to discuss this further, please contact your class teacher although this will of course be discussed at the next Parents Evening. In future reports, we will be adding a new column to indicate if your child is working further below the ‘working towards’ statement. This will be an indication that your child needs intervention in this subject.  Again, this will be discussed in teacher/parent evenings.

Of course, school is about much more than a simple set of test results and I am very proud of all of our children this term as they have adjusted to being back in school full time, meeting the challenge of filling any gaps in their knowledge and performing in the end of term productions. They have managed all of this with good grace, humour and a smile.

I hope that you all manage to have a fantastic Christmas and recharge the batteries for the long winter months ahead. I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mrs J Spencer 

Head of School