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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 15 - Friday 7 January 2022

Welcome back and Happy New Year

It has been great to see the children running into school this week and this eagerness can also be seen in their learning in the classroom. Hook Day was superb fun with many children dressing up for the occasion to celebrate their new theme.

Please accept your invitation to Google Classroom again if you have not done so as this is where work is set for children. Teachers will be going through passwords in class with the children but the office does hold copies if you require a password for any of the online sites we use. I genuinely hoped not to have to mention COVID this year but it seems that it may be an issue for a while longer. We do have some absence due to COVID positive cases and so please be vigilant if your child presents with symptoms and continue doing lateral flow tests where possible.

At the moment, the planned trips are still going ahead however, this may be subject to change and if they are cancelled we will update you as soon as possible and postpone them to a future date. You will have now received notification of after school clubs being cancelled and I must say it has been done with a heavy heart as we recognise how important these are to the pupils and parents. However, we must take every step necessary to ensure the safe running of the school over the next few weeks. 

This term is generally where we see children fly in their learning as they begin to consolidate the autumn terms learning and build upon it. Parents' Evenings will discuss progress in core subjects and will be held remotely. Please bear in mind that these only last five minutes and if you require a longer conversation about a particular issue, then you will need to arrange a further meeting. For those children who receive additional intervention in school and are on the SEND register, there will be an optional pop in day to book an appointment to discuss your child’s individual learning plan. Appointments will be able to be booked online but we will aim to conduct these meetings face to face where possible. We will send more information about these appointments with the booking forms.

On a final note, can we please ensure that all medication is taken to the school office where a form must be filled in to allow the medicine to be stored and administered. Please do not give medication to other school staff to keep or allow children to have it with them. We only administer medicine that is required 4x a day as any other doses can be given at home.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School


Dates to remember:    
Flu vaccination catch up                                      Tuesday 12 January
SEND Pop in day (optional)                                 Thursday 27 Friday 28 January 
SmART trip                                                             Friday 28 January
Jorvik Y3 trip                                                          Monday 31 January
Parents Evening                                                     Monday 21 Wednesday 23 March