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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 21 - Friday 18 February 2022

This term we have been looking very closely at the provision in school for children with additional needs be they emotional, behavioural or academic. It has been a turbulent term with so much child and staff absence due to COVID isolations and so this has been even harder than normal to accommodate every child’s need. I sincerely hope that next half term brings us less disruption.

We recently sent parents of children with additional needs a questionnaire regarding provision in school and parents were absolute in their belief in the teaching and support their child receives. An area of development for us was to ensure that the learning support plans are now regularly shared with parents so they can contribute as parents quite rightly stated that they have not had the opportunity in COVID times to come in and talk about these. We will be holding remote meetings on the dates above to allow parents to discuss their child’s plan and to have a better understanding of where their child sits in the SEN process and the interventions and adaptations that take place in school. This will also be reinforced in our Parents Evenings that take place in late March.

We have made the decision to continue with remote meetings for the time being but will be hosting opportunities for parents to pop into school to look at their child’s work after Easter. 

We have tried to make World Book Day as cost effective as possible by allowing children to come dressed as a word. This could be pyjamas for ‘sleepy’, attaching balloons for ‘celebration’ or wearing red for ‘angry’. The choice is yours. We hope this will encourage all kinds of vocabulary discussion on the day. If you can, we would also appreciate it if you could provide your child with a large potato for a craft activity we are doing in the afternoon with the whole school - we will have plenty extra in school should anyone forget. The day will be filled with reading activities to further inspire that love of reading. Remember that after half term, we will be returning to sending home reading records for children to log their 3 x weekly reading. 

Continuing the Reading theme, we would very much like to encourage any parents who have a love of reading to help us on a Friday afternoon. We would like to reintroduce ‘Reading buddies’. Staff  will host the afternoons and we would like parents to come into the hall and read with children who need a little extra encouragement. The children adore having new visitors in and would really benefit from extra opportunities to read to adults. If you have a couple of hours to spare, please contact the office. I will provide biscuits (or fruit as a healthy alternative!) 

Thank you to those parents who have begun to offer their time to speak to our EYFS about their jobs. We are collating a list and will get back to you all individually about suitable timings. The more the merrier please so keep sending those emails in. 

Have a lovely half term.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School


Dates to remember:  

World Book Day (bring a large baking potato)     Thursday 3 March

SEN parents meetings                                             Thursday 3 March and Thursday 10 March

Red Nose Day (wear red)                                         Friday 18 March     

Parents Evening                                                        Monday 21 and Wednesday 23 March

Young Voices                                                             Thursday 28 April