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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 22 - Friday 4 March 2022

Some good news! You will have received a flyer via email regarding the postponed school disco run by the Parent Friends Association. They have now managed to secure a slot and the disco will be in school next Tuesday night. Entrance will be via the school office however both sets of external gates will be open. 

Times are as follows:


Y2/3/4 -5.45-6.45

Y5/6 -7.00-8.00

It is great to see clubs and events back on and long may this last. We will be looking at new clubs for the summer term when we get out and about a little more. We are also looking at moving some of the clubs to a lunchtime session to give children a variety of activities during this period. Club lists will be sent out during the penultimate week of term.

This week in school has been really brilliant as we have seen the return of singing assemblies, clubs and of course World Book Day. It was such a lot of fun guessing the children’s words that they had come dressed as. Some ideas were so simple yet effective (and more importantly cost nothing!) There were children dressed in navy blue to represent ‘midnight’; some in pyjamas to represent ’dozy’ or ‘sleepy’; some with fancy party clothes and handbags representing ’stylish’ and an excellent but scary representation of the word ’contagious’. The classrooms were a celebration of books and I particularly enjoyed seeing the ‘book and a nook’ activities where children found weird and wonderful places to read a book.

Thank you to those parents who have offered some time on a Friday afternoon to help with reading. We will be sending out another google form to sign up any other willing volunteers and then phone you to arrange the details.

Sporting events are now back in swing so watch out for details of upcoming matches of which I will share results as they come in. We have some incredibly talented footballers in our midst and it will be great to see them do what they do best. On a sporting note, can I please remind you all that PE is statutory and cannot be opted out of. It is imperative that children bring PE kits in on a Monday and leave them here all week in case sessions have to be shifted around due to weather conditions etc. Not only do pupils need to be in PE weekly for their own physical wellbeing but we simply cannot accommodate all the children who forget kits into the other classroom.

Next week, look out for ‘a week in the life of FS2 on Twitter’. There will be some fantastic pictures of what happens on a daily basis in our youngest years so sign up to follow us if you have not done so already. We use Twitter a lot to show off events and work in school as well as to inform parents of events so please check regularly.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School