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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 23 - Friday 11 March 2022

First of all … football! In a closely fought match, the Y6 girls did brilliantly to work together as a team, in their first ever match with only three training sessions. Mr Hutchinson was so proud of the girls who narrowly lost 2-1 to St Vincent’s school. Teachers reported that the girls worked really well and had real potential and I must say from talking to them post match they are all determined to get better and win. True Penshurst spirit!

This week saw the return of school singing and it appears we have not forgotten everything! The only problem was the ringing in my ears as they were so enthusiastic to sing that the whole room appeared to shake. We are now working on refining our singing voice as opposed to shouting but I am sure you are thrilled to hear the well-known songs entering your house again. I was so impressed with the older children’s role modelling to our younger children and helping them with actions and words.

The House Captains in particular were amazing at modelling assembly behaviour and I can already spot some potential high school head students as they demonstrate great leadership skills already at such a young age.

The PFA disco was extremely well attended and I’m not sure who enjoyed dancing more, the pupils or staff. Although the disco is not a school run event, many staff give up their time to attend and spend time with their year group. I thank both the staff for this and also the PFA for arranging events for our children. In the future I would ask that all pupils be accompanied by adults to walk to the event and queue as I have had a couple of issues reported to me about behaviour of unaccompanied pupils outside of school. We are dealing with this where appropriate and I must say that behaviour inside the school was exemplary.

On Tuesday 6 April, we will be holding our annual P Factor at Penshurst. We have been holding off to ensure that the COVID situation had calmed down and that pupil and staff absence was not an issue. The event is for Year 4, 5, 6 pupils and will be Mrs Brownell‘s swan song before she goes on maternity leave. There will be two performances at 3.30pm and 6pm to accommodate parents. Tickets will go on sale next week and be limited to two tickets per family initially. The office will text when tickets go on direct sale and again when we open it up to general sale.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School

Dates to remember:  
Red Nose Day (wear red)        Friday 18 March     
Parents Evening                       Monday 21 and Wednesday 23 March
P Factor                                     Tuesday 5 April 
Young Voices, Sheffield           Thursday 28 April