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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 26 - Friday 16 April 2021

As you are aware, we made the decision over Easter to revert to class bubbles from the start of this term.  This is in response to the positive Covid cases that we had before the break and the consequent number of pupils that had to self-isolate. Class bubbles will allow us to reduce the number of contacts that each pupil has and therefore limit the risk of self-isolation. However, this means that students can no longer be placed in different groups for their literacy and maths. We know that this is not ideal but this is a better scenario than the risk of more periods of isolation. The children have responded really well to this and we appreciate the support that we have also received from parents.

At this time of year, I am placed in the position of having to allocate how we spend our capital funding. This is money that we receive for significant improvements and repair to our buildings and the site. The funding comes into the Academy and we prioritise how it is spent across the Penshurst and Hessle High sites. In recent years, I have been delighted to have directed increasing amounts to Penshurst. Last summer, we extended the nursery area to include a new toilet block for their dedicated use, whilst also upgrading the general nursery area. We also improved the toilet areas across the school with new flooring and decoration.

This summer, the largest project will be to replace the dining hall roof. We have managed to patch this up for a number of years but, now we have been able to get it replaced, it will vastly improve that space. As part of this work, we are also committing £18,000 to the replacement of new windows. This may not be the end of the works at Penshurst for this year and I will keep you updated if we are able to apportion more funds towards the school site. Penshurst occupies an old set of buildings and the staff and pupils work miracles to keep it looking as good as it does. Everyone across the Academy and the Trust are committed to maintaining it to the highest possible standard as we all know that our children deserve it!

Take care

Mr V Groak


Well what a gorgeous week it has been at Penshurst - the weather has been beautiful and the children have been excited to be back in school. As we have had a COVID free week, I have been able to resume my learning walks, work scrutiny and observations of classroom teaching and learning and it has been a real pleasure to see how well settled the children have been and the fantastic learning taking place. I have seen everything this week from learning about the 80’s to the ancient lands of the pharaohs and every era in between.

Due to the fabulous weather, the pupils have been able to learn outside as much as possible and make the most of doing PE outside on the athletics track.We have had many enquiries about Sports Day and we do have provisional dates on the website however this will obviously be subject to the current situation. If we cannot hold a full Sports Day this year we will certainly put on year group/class events for the children to enjoy. We have also had a video crew this week in school to film a short promotional video for new starters to Penshurst in September. This means that many of the children (subject to permission) had the opportunity to be filmed in their classrooms or doing activities. I cannot wait for singing assemblies to resume in full as it took me rather a long while to locate a class who could remember the Penshurst song in full - Well done Year 5! Over 20,000 new books have arrived in school this week as we begin to replenish our library. Every pupil will have their own lead text to read for every theme and there are multiple new best sellers for children to choose from in the coming weeks. This is the beginning of moving the library from the bus to a space in school preparing for our new project which is to transform the bus into a film studio. We will then resume recording ‘Penshurst News of the Week’ which will be broadcast to our families. We are just about to start our allotment project as well as so if anyone has any seeds/old planters or advice we would be really grateful for any contributions! I hope the good weather stays with us this weekend - enjoy!

Mrs J Spencer