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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 24 - Friday 18 March 2022

6:1 to Penshurst… the score following the Year 5 and 6 match against Christopher Pickering. It appears that our boys football teams are going from strength to strength so a big thank you to Mr Hutchinson for organising training, dates of matches and escorting them everywhere.

It has been a pleasure to watch nearly every class in their learning this week and I have really been struck with the resilience that pupils are demonstrating. Not only are they settling back into full time learning but they are simultaneously filling any gaps brought about by the disruption to education over the past two years while tackling new and tricky concepts. There is a real buzz in the classrooms as children celebrate getting answers correct. I have seen fantastic Maths lessons where children have grappled with converting fractions into decimals and exchanging in column subtraction; inspiring Reading lessons with songs, poems, stories and biographies all being explored and enjoyed through to fascinating Science lessons where children can confidently place scientists on a timeline and evaluate how impactful their inventions were.

We have been concentrating really hard in our thematic afternoons in ensuring that children can link previous knowledge to new learning and I have seen some really good examples of this happening around the building for example with Year 5 able to compare Newton to other scientists and compare scientific theories. The knowledge organisers that we use in class are on the website so maybe challenge the children to tell you some facts from their previous themes to see what they have remembered.It is so important that children learn to link ideas and build their knowledge base. Year 2 are getting really good at comparing authors and discussing similarities and differences in their writing.

Community has been the topic of staff meetings in school recently as it is only these last two weeks where we have been able to mix again in school as a staff body and we have really missed face to face staff meetings and being able to collaborate with each other on a daily basis. This has obviously also been a barrier to our pupils mixing and to us being able to invite parents into school for challenge days, stay and play sessions, plays, assemblies and so forth. We are, I'm afraid, seeing an increase in Covid cases again which was to be expected with the relaxation of rules across the country. This means that we will continue to limit visitors into school until at least Easter and work with Public Health to do what we can to minimise the risks of transmission. Hopefully, we will then be in a position to put back on all of our lovely events that we invite you into school for. We are dipping our toes in the water slightly to put on P Factor but will again limit numbers in the hall, implement a one way system and encourage hand sanitisation on entrance to school.

The sun has just appeared as I finish writing so I am hopeful for a sunny, bright weekend - enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School

Dates to remember:  

Parents Evening                                                         Monday 21 Wednesday 23 March

P Factor                                                                      Tuesday 5 April 3.30/5.30

P Factor                                                                       Wednesday 6 April 9.15

Young Voices, Sheffield                                             Thursday 28 Ap