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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 25 - Friday 25 March 2022

Communication between school and home is always an area we are looking to improve on especially as we all live such busy lives and tend to live in a digital world now instead of one where letters are sent out. Texts, emails, Twitter and the Headteachers blog are currently our main forms of communication within our school community and we would like this to remain the case to promote consistency of where to go to find out information about what is happening in school. We are also in the process of updating the website to showcase all that we do in school and our intention for teaching and learning in school.

We are really ramping up our use of our Twitter site in school to showcase events in school and celebrate day to day life at Penshurst. Please take the time to follow us - by App or PC - in order to see all the brilliant learning taking place; It’s also a great place to check dates and event details as we put our regular reminders. @Penshurstschool

Another week, another football match. Well done to the Year 6 boys who played a cracking match against Anlaby Primary School on Tuesday night resulting in a 1:1 draw. The boys narrowly missed out on several more goals and really did show what a good team they are. We have many more matches coming up including our Girls football team so I will keep you updated with their achievements.

As we resume normal service at school, following what has been an incredibly different couple of years in education, it is time to take stock and evaluate where we are as a school. We recently conducted a pupil survey with all children and their response was overwhelmingly positive:

  • 99% feel safe in school
  • 98% feel they have someone to talk to 
  • 97% enjoy school
  • 95%  believe they are challenged in their learning.
  • 97% believe that any bullying or unkindness is rare and is dealt with quickly by staff

This is really positive and we are busy chasing up any worries individuals have around feeling safe or enjoying school. While I am thrilled that the pupils feel so positively about school, I would also like to take the opportunity to gauge parent views so we can address any issues that you may have. The questionnaire can be found here. We aim to do this questionnaire twice a year. If you disagree with any statements could you please offer a little more information to explain why you have ticked this box so we can address any concerns. 

I think we have all struggled with not having visitors to school and having to do everything remotely (although many of you have commented that you prefer remote parent evenings as it fits in with your busy lives). I have added an extra question to the standard questionnaire asking your view on parents evening so we can make decisions on how we run these events in the future. In May, we are going to host a short event after school where we will bring tables out to the playground in KS2 and outside KS1/EYFS classrooms and lay out the childrens books for you to have a look at. All staff will be present to look through books with you and answer any questions - this may fill the gap that the remote meetings don’t fill and give you an even better insight into the progress your child is making. Thank you to all those who attended the Parents Evening. We will chase up those of you who did not make appointments to ensure there are no concerns or issues moving forwards.

I continue to advocate reading every night with your child to ensure they accelerate the learning that happens in school. It is lovely to see that the majority of children are bringing in their reading records to celebrate home reading. In Year 4, please work with your children on their times tables as they will sit the national multiplication test in June. They need to know all of their times tables up to 12 x 12 and be able to recall them at speed (within six seconds). Please encourage your child to work on TTRockstars as often as they can and challenge themselves to get better and better.

On a final e safety note, we have had some concerns reported to us around a TiK Tok character called Huggy Wuggy that our very youngest children seem to know about. Huggy Wuggy sounds like a cuddly teddy bear. But the monster is actually an evil villain in the 2021 horror PC game Poppy Playtime by MOB Games. The blue stuffed bear is no Care Bear. When he opens his mouth, he has rows of sharp teeth. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. He hunts people down and says things like, "I could hug you forever until you breathe your last breath." The problem is that this character can pass through fire walls as it appears to be a child-friendly character. Please as always be careful around the sites your child is accessing and the content they are exposed to. 

The weather has certainly made a real difference at school playtimes this week and we may have the grand re-opening of the field next week. Enjoy what looks to be a sunny weekend. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School

Dates to remember:  

P Factor                                    Tuesday 5 April 3.30/5.30

                                                  Wednesday 6 April 9.15

Young Voices, Sheffield         Thursday 28 April