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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 29 - Friday 6 May 2022

As I write this blog, the sun has appeared, Y1 are playing on the field, EYFS are conducting a bug hunt, there is a poetry lesson in Evie’s garden and there is a football tournament about to commence. School is so much more than Reading, Writing and Maths and we work just as hard at planning enrichment activities as we do at planning core learning.

We also ensure our morning circles and assemblies focus on enrichment and personal development with children learning about British Values, religions, cultures and world views. We hope this better prepares pupils for the world we live in and allow them to become rounded citizens. It is also about celebrating differences and the unique characters of all pupils.

This morning the whole school has been learning about Eid and it was fantastic to hear the questions being asked in classes and the respect being shown towards different religions and beliefs. We live in a multicultural country and it is imperative that pupils recognise and celebrate this. We have a number of different religions in our school and it has been really nice to see pupils informing others of their beliefs and how they live their lives.

Next week Year 6 sit their SAT’s which have not taken place for two years due to the pandemic; they are all understandably nervous however we really try to make the week as stress free as possible surrounding the  tests with fun activities which culminates in a dress down day for the year group on the Friday. For those of you who have yet to experience SAT’s with your child, there really is no need to panic! It is a set of five tests which the children have sat mock tests for ever since Year 5. It is no different to the end of term tests that we do as standard in school.

What they do help with is ensuring pupils are placed appropriately at high school however they will also have cognitive tests during transition week at Hessle and in addition teacher assessments and judgements are put forward. This raft of other evidence ensures that if a pupil has an ‘off day’ during SAT’s it is not by any means the end of the world!

We have already started work on transition to Year 7 with parent information evenings for the parents of pupils with SEN, visits from Mrs Pinkney, Transition Coordinator at Hessle High) and the secondary ready curriculum in full swing. Year 5 also start high school preparation by taking part in a series of secondary online lessons.

We are looking at staffing for all year groups next year and will begin to advertise our new starters meetings for EYFS children and our ’transition to Year 1 ‘meeting. Official transition for all year groups will take place in the last week of term when all pupils will ‘move up’ a year group and meet their new teacher for three days before spending the last two days of term back in their current year group. ‘Meet the teacher’ sessions will take place on these mornings before school to allow you to ask any questions or pass any information to new teachers.

We are also planning Sports days, Jubilee celebrations, whole school football tournaments, school trips and visits and the Summer Fair - a busy busy term ahead!

I hope the sunshine now remains with us-have a lovely weekend 

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School


Dates to remember:  

 SAT’s Y6                                              w/c Monday 9 May

Y6 Residential                                     w/c Monday 16 May 

Springtime Burger Day                       Thursday 19 May lunchtime

Parent Pop in                                      Monday 23 May

Jubilee Celebration                            Friday 10 June

FS2 new starters meetings               Wednesday 15 June

Transition to Year 1 meetings          Thursday 16 June