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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 30 - Friday 13 May 2022

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who emailed us wishing the Year 6 pupils and team well in the SATs week. We have had a number of visitors checking that we are administering the exams as they should be and all ran very smoothly-a particular thanks to Governors who attended to check procedures.The Year 6 pupils really were incredibly well disciplined. It gives us pleasure to see even those who really struggle give it their best shot. This leads us nicely into next week where the residential takes place allowing them to blow off some steam and face challenges in a different way - I'm sure they will really show off their competitive natures.

We now have Year 2 SATs to administer, which again we will keep very low key for the pupils and after half term we have the Year 1 phonics and the Year 4 multiplication checks followed by the EYFS GLD data entry to the local authority. It has been a couple of years without all of the testing and I know there have been questions surrounding the reason for testing and whether we are any better off for doing these exams. What I would say is that pupils will have a lifetime of exams to prepare for and so it really does get them used to life beyond primary; it also allows pupils to show off what they know and get the recognition for this hard work. 

We try really hard to keep the exam stress to a minimum and the children are completely used to sitting formal tests on a half term/termly basis anyway.

Do I think children would learn without testing? Yes.

Do I think testing does children any harm? No.  

Having administered tests for many years, the positives are definitely that sense of achievement a child feels on completion of the tests.In all areas of life there are tests and challenges we have to overcome and it is just important to keep perspective and remember that testing is not the be all and end all. There are two nuggets of wisdom from this years Y6 pupils talking about SATs preparation  that I love;

  • Don't get stressed, just do your best. Remember you've been blessed with skills SATs can’t test.
  • Be happy, like a unicorn eating doughnuts on a rainbow!

Very wise! 

Have a lovely weekend 

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School

Y6 Residential                                                             wb Monday 16 May 

FS1 Stay and Play                                                      Tuesday 17 May

                                                                                     Wednesday 18 May

Springtime Burger Day Meal                                     Thursday 19 May

Parent Pop in                                                              Monday 23 May

Jubilee Celebration                                                    Friday 10 June

FS2 new starters meetings                                        Wednesday 15 June

Transition to Year 1 meeting                                     Thursday 16 June