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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 27 - Friday 23 April 2021

Another sunny week at Penshurst which has seen us able to use the field and learn outside as much as possible when appropriate. As we now have access to the field and the weather is pleasant we will be allowing children to picnic outside whenever possible although hot dinners will be served at tables. We have located shaded areas for those children who prefer not to sit in the sun. As the weather improves, you will need to put sun lotion on the children or provide a sun hat as they are outside playing for a fair time at lunch. It is preferable that this is once a day sun lotion as the teachers are unable to apply the lotion to pupils.

I had the pleasure of visiting every class this week to watch the 10 minute pledge taking place. Currently we ask that you read for 10 minutes with your child every day and that we will match this in school above and beyond the daily Reading lesson. During the 10 minute pledge, teachers read the lead text for the current theme. In Year 1 they are deep in the world of fairy tales; Year 2 are exploring lands at the top of the’ Magic Faraway Tree’; Year 3 are currently located in both Peru and London with ‘Paddington’; Year 4 are riding a cyclone to the Land of Oz and studying disasters; Year 5 are exploring space with ‘George's Secret Key to the Universe while Year 6 are  reading ‘Can you see me?’ which is a novel written from the perspective of a girl with autism-a real mix of classics and new fiction.

We now have enough copies of the lead texts for every child in KS2 to have their own copy in class- this should greatly enhance the reading sessions and particularly help those children who may struggle to focus or need more support in their reading. During this session the pupils enjoy the lead text and also note down any new vocabulary in their vocab books; these books are then used to enhance their writing. It is a really special time of the day and helps to calm the classes after lunchtime ready for afternoon thematic learning.

Progress reports were given out last week and we hope that you have had time to read them. Please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher with any questions you may have although I am aware many of you will have already asked questions at the recent Parents Evening. Annual reports are sent out in July with an opportunity to follow up with a teacher if you have any queries. In the meantime, should you have any concerns over your child’s progress contact the class teacher in the first instance; equally Mr Key (Maths), Miss Hatfield and Mrs Petch (Literacy) and Mrs Preston (Curriculum) will always try and help with any subject specific queries. 

I hope the good weather continues and that you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School