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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 31 - Friday 20 May 2022

A big thank you to everyone involved in ensuring the Year 6 residential trip was a roaring success. It is easy to forget how significant this is for some of our youngsters who have never stayed away without their family - the sense of achievement on completion of the three days is huge. From all accounts, the camp was great, activities exciting (especially those in water) and leaders of said activities were experienced and fun. They returned to school happy but weary and Thursday in class was definitely a test of the pupils and staff’s resilience. I am always so grateful to Penshurst staff who take time away from their own families to ensure our pupils get to enjoy such an experience.

On Monday, weather permitting, we will be putting the children’s books outside classrooms (KS1) and on the playground (KS2) for you all to have a look at if you wish. Teachers will be available to chat with if you have any questions. This was a missed opportunity due to Parents Evenings being online the last few years so hopefully you will enjoy seeing how well your child is progressing in their work.

We have had a couple of safeguarding concerns brought to our attention again this week regarding a craze called ‘The Backrooms.’ The Backrooms is an urban legend that tells the tale of an endless maze of randomly generated office rooms. It is characterised by the smell of wet carpet, walls with a monochromatic tone of yellow, and buzzing fluorescent lights. These Backrooms have been made into mini horror films on youtube and they appear to have been derived on forum 4chan. Please be extra vigilant if you hear this term being used by the children as it is not an appropriate site for primary aged pupils.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School


Dates to remember:   

Parent Pop in                                                              Monday 23 May

Jubilee Celebration                                                    Friday 10 June

FS2 new starters meetings                                        Wednesday 15 June

Transition to Year 1 meeting                                     Thursday 16 June