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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 33 - Friday 10 June 2022

This term is always a busy one with sports days, trips, Jubilee celebrations, reports, transition events etc. so please keep an eye on the dates below. If there are any last minute changes due to weather conditions, we will of course send out texts. In my experience it is usually the wettest week in the year when we hold Sports Days!

In the event of poor weather we try to utilise classrooms and halls where we can. The picnic finishes at 1.30pm and school officially closes at 2pm - you are of course free to take your child home with you after the picnic should you choose to do so and staff will sign you out.

For those of you who have not attended a Summer picnic before, we ask families to bring picnics onto the KS2 field and the children are sat in classes waiting to be picked up by yourselves to have your family picnic. If any child does not have a parent attending, they stay with the class staff to enjoy the picnic together.

It is incredible to think about what staff and pupils managed to squeeze into the last five week half term! The main priority was ensuring Year 6 SATs were completed and that all pupils were happy and comfortable with the experience. We have always strived to ensure that the week is as fun as possible with arts and sporting activities galore surrounding the  exams culminating in a ‘chillout’ day on the Friday.

We were fortunate to have visitors from the Governing Board, other schools and the Trust to help invigilate some of the tests checking that the process was rigorous and all procedures were followed to the letter. There was a lot of talk about the reading test nationally and how difficult the exam was. As a staff body, we felt it was a fair test and the pupils appeared to be answering the questions well so hopefully we will see the high  results we have predicted. The Maths papers were tough but again pupils seemed fairly confident that they had done as well as they could and we did not have any tears this year.

We have also completed Year 2 SATs in this half term which we keep as low key as we can - these will be optional from 2023. Although we still have a moderation process to complete, early results place us in line with national 2019 results which would be an amazing effort from this year group in what has been another turbulent year of COVID absence for both pupils and staff.

We now just have the multiplication and Y1 phonics tests to conduct in the final half term alongside our normal internal assessment schedule Transition will take place on the penultimate week of term on the Mon/Tues/Wed. At this point the Year 6 pupils will go to Hessle High and the rest of the pupils will ‘move up’ to their new class and teacher for three days. There will be more news to follow on this in a couple of weeks.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School

Key Dates:
Father’s Day Shop                           Tuesday 14 June
FS2 new starters meetings               Wednesday 15 June
Transition to Year 1 meeting             Thursday 16 June 3.30
KS1 Sports Day                                    Tuesday 21 June 1.15 
KS2 Sports Day                                    Tuesday 21 June 9.30
FS1 Sports Day                                    Tuesday 21 June 3.30
FS2 Sports Day                                    Wednesday 22 June 9.30   
Summer Fair                                    Wednesday 20 July 3.30
End of term picnic                               Friday 22 July 12.00-1.30
School closes                                       Friday 22 July 2.00