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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 34 - Friday 17 June 2022

As we head full throttle into the summer term, it is worth noting the events that will be happening in the upcoming weeks. Next week the weather is looking great so hopefully Sports Days will go without a hitch - please remember to provide sun cream, sun hat and water. We also have the Summer Fair and the end of term picnic to look forward to and we cannot wait as it feels like it has been a long time since these events last took place.

Thank you to those of you who attended transition events for EYFS /Y1 as it is always helpful to get any questions answered early. Transition for the rest of the school will take place on 11, 12 and 13 of July and the children will be informed of their new class teacher on the Friday before these dates. We recognise that transition is often a nervous time for the children, particularly those heading up to secondary school and we ensure we include lots of ‘getting to know you’ activities to settle the children with new classmates and teachers.

Please remember that every year we do change classes slightly as they may move from 2-3 classes in a year group or vice versa depending on the needs within the year groups. We do our best to ensure that children have at least one of their circle of friends in a class with them.

This term, as has been alluded to before in previous blogs, is extremely busy with assessments and we have had local authority moderations as well in which the school has performed extremely well. I am very proud of the writing our children produced for these moderations and I would like to say thank you to staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure writing at Penshurst is the very best it can be following the long school absences over the past two years.

As we move into the final five weeks, Mrs Preston will begin to take the reins a little more in school and so it may be that you see a little less of me and a lot more of Mrs Preston to ensure a smooth transition for you all. I could not be more happy to hand the school over to such a safe pair of hands and I will be working with Mrs Preston closely over the final weeks to ensure the changeover is as smooth as possible.

I hope the weather does not turn for the worse this weekend but at least next week is looking fabulous-enjoy your weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School

Key Dates:  
KS1 Sports Day                                                            Tuesday 21 June 1.15   
KS2 Sports Day                                                            Tuesday 21 June 9.30
FS1 Sports Day                                                             Tuesday 21 June 3.30
FS2 Sports Day                                                             Wednesday 22 June 9.30    
Summer Fair                                                                  Wednesday 20 July 3.30
End of term picnic                                                        Friday 22 July 12.00-1.30
School closes                                                                Friday 22 July 2.00