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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 35 - Friday 24 June 2022

What a lovely week it has been! I cannot believe the fantastic weather we have had for Sports Days and I would like to thank you all for turning out in your droves to support the children. I’ve got to admit that the Nursery (FS1) event is possibly the highlight of the year for me - unbelievably cute! A special shout out to our House Captains needs to be made as they did a sterling job of running events and supporting the younger children; I could not be more proud of these Year 6 pupils and the high school are so lucky to have them from September. Many of you have emailed in to say how brilliant the older pupils were in encouraging and helping the younger ones and I have passed your comments on to the Year 6 teachers to let them know.

I am sorry but I do need to have a little bit of a rant this week…..

Over the past week, we have seen a huge increase in unkind behaviours outside of school on social media. The majority of the incidents have taken place in Years 4/5/6 and mostly on Whatsapp. Can I remind you that the age of consent for this app is now 16+ and therefore none of our pupils should be using this platform. Unfortunately we are finding that most of our pupils are in groups on this app and while I appreciate it is your parental decision to allow this, we are spending hours and hours in the school week dealing with fallings out, unkind comments and at times borderline bullying that are all happening outside school hours on this media platform.

Whilst I appreciate that we have to get involved with these incidents, I feel that I need to ask for your support. If you intend for your child to have access to these groups despite the age rating, please could you frequently check your child's messages and the groups they are part of. Inevitably, incidents outside school affect behaviours in school and the impact in school is time spent out of class dealing with these behaviours for both staff and pupils.

We will of course continue to investigate incidents brought to our attention and actions can be: circles, parental meetings, sanctions given, repeated online safety education or reports made to police. We speak to our children about online safety and cyberbullying on a weekly basis through assemblies, IT lessons, morning circles and dedicated online learning circles. All I ask is that you continue to support us by checking your child's phone, reporting any unkind behaviours and talking to your child about what they post on a forum. Rant over!

Over the next four weeks, the pace does not slacken in school as having completed assessments, we now begin to fill in any gaps that these tests have highlighted.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School

Key Dates:  
Summer Fair                            Wednesday 20 July 3.30pm
Y6 Big Fun trip                        Thursday 21 July (in school time)
Y6 Barbeque                           Thursday 21 July 4-6pm
Y6 Leavers Assembly            Friday 22 July 9.00
End of term picnic                  Friday 22 July 12.00-1.30
School closes                         Friday 22 July 2.00