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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 37 - Friday 8 July 2022

This week, we have very much been focusing on preparing for transition week; the children are all super excited to know who their new teacher will be and we hope they will really enjoy getting to know them over the three days next week.

As always there is movement between classes, with some year groups moving from two classes to three and others moving from three classes to two. In addition, some classes just needed a reset and to be mixed up a little bit.

When moving children into different year group classes we try to make it as fair as possible to make sure classes are equally mixed. Pupils are always asked to give us five friends that they most enjoy being with in class - we then ensure that at least one of these choices is in their new class. We keep these lists when preparing class sets and the Leadership team double checks to make sure every child is with at least one close friend. Obviously, all children play together at break and lunchtime and so can catch up with friends in the other class at this time.

In your transition letter informing you of your child’s new teacher, you will have been told about changes in procedures. As a reminder:

Pupils should be taken to their normal classroom on Monday morning, but for the remainder of the week be taken and collected from new classrooms.

  • If you collect via Winthorpe Road, the children will be brought out to you as normal; if you collect via Penshurst Avenue then Reception, Year 1 and 2 children should be collected from their classrooms and Year 3 to Year 6 from the playground.

Hopefully by the end of the three days the pupils and parents will be absolutely confident about where and when to drop off and pick up. Please ask their current Year group staff on Monday morning if you are unsure about where to pick them up.

It is always an exciting time of year as we introduce new staff to our school for September. This year we are welcoming Mr Harrison (Y2), Mrs Jacobsz (Y3), Mr Vine (Y4), Miss Bunn (Y5) and Miss Daniels (Y5). They are all delighted to join such a happy and successful school and I am sure you will get to know them all soon. All staff will of course be out on playgrounds during transition week or on the door of their classroom so please do not hesitate to introduce yourself to them. We will be holding ’Meet the teacher’ sessions during the first week of  the Autumn term.

The meetings are very informal and are simply an opportunity for a chat! Sessions are as follows::

8.00am - 8.30am

Wednesday 7 September - Reception, Year 1 and 2 

Thursday 8 September - Year 3 and 4

Friday 9 September - Year 5 and 6

In the Hall for Years 1-6 and in the Reception classroom for Nursery and Reception years

It looks like the weather is about to improve so enjoy your weekend.

Mrs J Spencer

Head of School

Key Dates:
Summer Fair                                                         Wednesday 20 July 3.30
Y6 Big Fun trip                                                      Thursday 21 July (in school time)
Y6 BBQ                                                                   Thursday 21 July 4-6pm
Y6 Leavers                                                             Friday 22 July 9.00
End of term picnic                                                Friday 22 July 12.00-1.30
School closes                                                         Friday 22 July 2pm