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Penshurst Primary School

WEEK 36 - Friday 2 July 2021

Although Y6 have completed their SATs, the rest of the school have their assessments to complete next week in order that we can write reports and use these to inform yourselves and next year's teachers what the children still need to work on. Reports will be sent via SIMS Parent in the last week of term but please inform us of any issues as this is the first time we have sent reports digitally (in line with the high school) and there may be technical issues as there often is with any new system. We will be trying to add further information about your child through the SIMS Parent channel in future so watch this space.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we will also be holding a Sports Week next week  where the children can enjoy their own year group sports day and generally enjoy a week of healthy exercise and activities. All of the primaries in our Trust are celebrating this event in the same way with no visitors on site to ensure the safety of all, especially with the rising infections in the area. We have sent a Google Form out to you to register interest in your child being photographed during these events and photos posted on Google Classroom for you to access however if we do not receive enough permissions we will be unable to do this as we do not want to segregate pupils during this fun event.  We hope next year to be able to hold all of our school events (Summer Fair, P Factor, End of Year show clubs) in a more normal fashion - here's hoping! We actually think we might live really on the edge and hold a proper Sports Day in September if we can, to make up for last year.

Having just secured the Healthy School Award, I would like to ensure that standards remain high at Penshurst. We work extremely hard to ensure we educate the children via our curriculum about issues such as mental health, healthy eating, keeping children safe online, healthy relationships and teaching them about keeping safe in the community. Only a very small part of the Healthy Schools Award is actually based on food! However, we all know that children work and perform better when they have a healthy diet. We do not allow sweets and fizzy drinks in packed lunches and that we only allow water in water bottles. We also provide fresh fruit every day for the children and encourage them to take advantage of this.  Although I have no problem at all with children bringing in treats for their birthday, we will send the treat home for parents to decide whether they wish their child to have the treat.

Over the Summer we will be planning for September and will be communicating our plans with you over the Summer holidays. It remains to be seen whether we return to ‘normal’ or COVID procedures will still be in place but as soon as we receive guidance on this we will let you know. I know many of you have heard that quite a few primary schools have year groups isolating (and in some cases whole schools) and have communicated your concerns regarding this. All I can say is that we are following all of our COVID procedures that have been in place all year and so are minimising the risks as much as we can. Masks in school, one way systems, minimal transitions, hand sanitising, allowing only essential visitors to school  and class bubbles all remain and will hopefully go some way towards keeping the children in school. It is paramount that we continue to be vigilant at school and I ask that you still socially distance on the way in and out of school ensuring you stick to one entrance and exit and following the one way system.

A reminder that FS1 closes on Thursday 22 July and is not open on the final Friday. The rest of the school closes at 1.30pm on Friday 23 July and children will be collected as normal from either side of school following the one way systems.

Mrs J Spencer 

Head of School