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WEEK 26 - Friday 16 April 2021

It has been a great week back after the Easter break.

The students returned ready to learn and with a hint of excitement that they have a Prom date to look forward to. The students will receive lots of information over the coming days regarding dates and assessments but the important thing is that they try their best and remember to take some time out to relax and recharge their batteries.

Miss Staveley and I are constantly telling them we are here to support them and they know where to find us,if they need us. The bigger picture is to keep going, the end is near.

Prom has raised some excitement, however we are aware this can be a big expense, as students often have their eye on something they like without thinking of the cost. We are committed to ensure that the Prom is an event that every child, and family, can participate in regardless of financial means. The important thing, at the end of a difficult year for the students, is that they can ALL come together to celebrate their time at Hessle High.

To that end, we have launched the ‘Hessle High Prom Hire Shop’. We have been very lucky to receive donations of new and vintage prom attire (for girls and boys) that we intend to loan to students for the small charge of just £10 (to cover dry cleaning on the return of the item). The students have been exceptional in their praise for the idea and fully appreciate the financial strain some families may face at this time.

This is a completely confidential service that the students have been told they can access to view items with support from Miss Staveley and I. They only have to ask or email to see what is available to them or if they need help in any way.

We are looking forward to hosting the first ever Prom to be held at Hessle High School and will do everything we can to make it a night to remember.


Mrs Taylor

Head of Year 11

Miss Staveley

Assistant Head of Year 11