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WEEK 32 - Friday 28 May 2021

As we approach the end of the half term I wanted to highlight some of the many successes that Year 8 have achieved over the last 7 weeks. We are all very aware of the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has created in all walks of life, but we should never underestimate just how much change our students have had to deal with since their return to school. In previous blogs I have talked about the importance of resilience. I am extremely proud to celebrate how fantastically brilliant the year 8’s have coped with all of the “new rules” that we as a school have had to implement to ensure the safety and well being of everybody in our school community. 

Face masks have now become the norm in and around the school building. We as a school have always ensured we are clear and concise with our policy regarding face masks. I want to thank all parents for supporting us with this issue and making sure your children understood the reasoning behind it and the importance of wearing their masks in the school building. This is a selfless act that is in place to protect others. I’m very proud to say that our year 8 students have acted responsibly and with kindness at all times when face masks are required. 

When in their year 8 bubbles and in the structured seating plan in their teaching home groups our students have shown an immense amount of resilience and maturity at dealing with what I know is a very challenging situation at times. To be in a room for 5 hours a day, sitting in the same seat can at times be uncomfortable and tiresome, but the year 8 students have shown great maturity, the ability to deal with adversity at times, and being respectful to adults and teaching staff at all times. We should all be very proud of the fact that our students continue to make progress and be successful despite these hurdles that have been placed upon them due to the pandemic. 

As we move into our final half term of this school year, it must never be forgotten what our students have had to deal with over the last school year, both within the school day and also when outside of school. Lockdowns prevented us from seeing family members, from mixing with our friends, from taking part in sports events and missing out on many other hugely important activities that have a massive impact on our well being and mental health. As we move towards some normality, as rules and restrictions are lifted I hope that as families we encourage our young people to get back out there, get back involved in all of the activities they love to do, mix with their friends and family and get back to enjoying life and all the amazing things that we so desperately miss. I can finally see the light at what has at times been a very dark tunnel….but from adversity comes great opportunity which I am confident that the year 8 students are going to grasp with both hands. 

If you have any concerns or questions please contact me at

Mr Leckenby

Head of Year 8

Mrs Newman

Assistant Head of Year 8