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WEEK 18 - Friday 18 January 2022

Hello to all of our Year 10 students and their families,

It has been another couple of busy weeks in Year 10 which has seen us establishing various programmes of support for students.

Like any year group, we have plenty of students who are sailing on the waves and taking highs and lows as they approach them, demonstrating commitment, resilience, kindness and respect at all times; however, for some, juggling the various aspects of life is becoming more challenging for them and they are finding it hard to cope. We are here to help and support them, so please remind your child of this if it is needed.

One area that some students are struggling with is their general mood, which is often expressed to us as ‘not feeling happy’. I have had a number of conversations recently about what it means to be happy and how it is okay to feel sad, tired, or fed-up at various times. Explaining that the rollercoaster of life is full of twists and turns, I am trying to show our students that we are able to hold on and embrace the ride - with each experience helping us to become the person we are in the future. In school, our key values are designed to develop students and enable them to build a strong character.

The values of the school underpin each day and since Christmas we have been trying to further develop the respect, resilience,and responsibility of students. In every conversation with students, we aim to show them that these teachings will help them in their life beyond school. 

At times, when emotionally charged, respect easily gets lost in frustration and this is one area that we are keen to help students to improve; the agitation in tone and body language can create a barrier when building relationships and this is the first area we are trying to address. 

Christiano Ronaldo believes that, ‘Keeping your mind clear from doubts by building resilience is key to maintaining your mental health,’ - a thought which props up the messages we share. At the moment we are trying to encourage students to not dwell on the whispers of ‘he said, she said’ as this is often untrue and designed to whip up a storm. Reminding students that we all have our ‘people’ whose words and actions matter. A poem that I have shared in the past  can be found here and reminds them that we cannot please everybody, but that doesn’t stop us living our life. 

Whilst encouraging them to experience each day, we work to improve responsibility. A number of students have seen their planner vanish, items disappear and often say, ‘My mum took it out of my bag’, ‘I had it out last night and forgot to put it back.’ ‘It wasn’t meant to happen like that.’  Our conversations remind students that they are responsible for their possessions and their actions. As they grow up it is so important to take responsibility and to ensure they are set up for the day ahead.

Our consistent messages will hopefully ensure that the students in Year 10 are moulding themselves into people ready to manage the coming 18 months and life beyond school. Together, home and school, play a huge part in ensuring they are equipped and ready for the journey ahead.

If there is anything Mrs Green and I can do to assist students please reach out to us

Stay safe and take care.

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 10

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 10