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Partnerships with Parents

The Celebration Folders are an important part of the Foundation Stage.

These will enable both you and us to write any special comments and observations, for example if your child talked about an activity they completed at school or they got dressed by themselves. We value any contributions towards their Celebration Folders. These will support our assessments at school. Suggested shared information on interests may include; places you visit, people you see, favourite toys and hobbies. Shared information on achievements may include; getting dressed, using scissors, making pictures and baking for example.

Independent learning is encouraged and as a parent or carer you can play a vital role in your child’s education, including homework.

Homework in the EYFS is a lot less formal than in Years 1-6 but is of equal importance. Parents are asked to contribute information, or work on a task in the child’s ‘Next Step’ book. Teachers will stick in a task for the children to complete and allow a week for the book to be returned. Parents can also send extra information about their child’s development via our EYFS email system!

Parents are always welcome into the classroom to look at the displays and the activities the children have been involved in.

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