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The Hessle Academy

Meetings and Minutes

Meeting Calendar


The intention of providing Members/Governors with an annual schedule for meetings is to:

  • Ensure Trust Members meet legal financial requirements
  • To ensure Members/Governors hit crucial evaluation agendas in the school year
  • To make the most efficient use of Member/Governor time
  • To act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Leadership Team of the Academy at key times in decision making process

Dates of Meetings 2019-20

Penshurst Primary 
Thursday 17 October 2019 External Results
Thursday 30 January 2020 
Thursday 14 May 2020
Monday 13 July 2020
Hessle High 
Wednesday 11 September 2019 External Results
Wednesday 16 October 2019
Wednesday 22 January 2020
Wednesday 6 May 2020
Consortium Sixth Form


Minutes of Meetings

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