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Hessle High School

Achieving Success

By constantly reviewing our courses, setting highly aspirational academic targets for all and by using innovative learning practices and utilising new technologies, we provide a stimulating, active learning environment.

We strive for aspirational academic success and offer a wide range of courses that suit the individual aptitudes and aspirations of all our students.

We offer both a traditional curriculum and an ever increasing variety of challenging vocational courses, which appeal to all students and prepares them well for further study or employment. We closely monitor progress and frequently share this information with parents by Learning Progress Summaries and Information Evenings.

We pride ourselves on knowing all our students as individuals and recognise that every young person has different needs and aspirations. ‘Every child really is capable of extraordinary achievement’ and ensuring that they get the very best advice and support during their school years is our top priority. This level of guidance and support has a proven track record in delivering academic success at all levels.

Every young person who comes to us is different, it is both a challenge and a privilege to ensure we address their individual needs

2017 GCSE highlights:

  • 72% of students achieved the Basics measure, attaining Grade 4 or above/ standard pass in both English and Maths
  • 24% achieved English Baccalaureate, beating the national average for the sixth consecutive year
  • Attainment 8 was 50.87 - this is the average of all student's scores
  • Progress 8 was +0.29, meaning students on average achieved a third of a grade higher than their projection from Key Stage 2 outcomes
  • 100% of students achieved a pass (1-9) in Maths and 99.7% of students achieved a pass (1-9) in English.
  • Students achieved 21 Grade 9 results, with 5 in English Language, 7 in English Literature, and 9 in Maths
  • 24% of all grades achieved are the top grades A*/A and 7,8,9

Student Success Stories

Adina Chiron (aged 16)

"Adina has an exemplary attitude, a real willingness to do well and a fantastic commitment to both her studies and school life.  Achieving 13 GCSEs, including 8A*s, 2As and 39s is an incredible achievement that the whole school is proud of.  Adina has been a joy to teach and thoroughly deserves her outstanding results."

Adina commented, "I'm delighted! It's been a lot of hard work but it was all worth it in the end.  I want to thank all the teachers for their support and I've loved my time at Hessle High.  Next year, I'm looking forward to studying Maths, Biology and Art at Wyke College."


Amy Morgan (aged 16)

"Amy really excelled.  She's hardworking and dedicated and we are absolutely thrilled with her results.  Amy had done herself proud, and had earned her 4A*s, 4As and 3 9s.  Excellent work Amy, we're all delighted for you”

"I'm really pleased with my results!", said Amy, "I was hoping to do well, but I was excited about opening them - it was great to get the grades I wanted.  I'm looking forward to the next two years, am going to study Chemistry, Biology and Textiles at Hessle Sixth Form College."

Jack Sawyers (aged 16)

"Jack's commitment, hard work and determination have really paid off - 6A*s, 2As, 2 8s and 1 9 is a fantastic set of results, and well earned.  Congratulations Jack, you deserve it, and we wish you all the best in your studies next year."

Jack commented "I've worked hard for these exams, and got the grades I wanted.  I'm particularly happy to have got a grade 8 in English Language - as I didn't think I'd do so well.  The teachers at Hessle HIgh School have all been really supportive, and I'm looking forward to the next two years.  I'll be going on to do A Levels in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at Hessle Sixth Form College."

Zoe Dyble (aged 16)

"Zoe had really applied herself throughout the year, and has achieved an impressive set of results - 4A*s, 2As, 29s and a 7.  We are delighted for her, and know she has a bright future ahead of her.  Well done Zoe!"

Looking relieved and clearly thrilled with her achievements, Zoe said, " I'm so happy with my grades! It's a massive relief and I'm glad I put the work in,  it definitely paid off.  The two grades 9s in English Language and Literature mean I can go on to study Enlgish Language, English Literature and Drama next year here at Hessle Sixth Form College."

Matthew Hunter  (aged 16)

"Matthew has made a huge amount of progress - his results are testament to all his effort, dedication and hard work over the last year.  Well done Matthew, you should be really proud of yourself and what you've achieved."

Celebrating with his friends, Matthew said, "I've done lots of work, but it was still a bit of a surprise to see the results when I opened the envelope.  I definitely wasn't expecting the A* in History, A in Technology and 7 in English Language and 8 in English Literature - so I'm really pleased with that one!  These results will mean I can go on to study for a career in Engineering, maybe at the Ron Dearing Engineering College."


Jessica Moore (aged 16)

"Jessica's efforts have been rewarded with grade 9 in both English Language and English Literature - 2 grades higher than initially predicted.  That's a fabulous achievement, it's a great example to set for other students and shows that hard work and commitment really do pay off.  Congratulation Jess!"

Looking in shock at the results, Jessica said "I have thought I'd do so well - especially after my predicted grades.  I worked really hard, but really didn't know what to expect, and I'm so happy with the results.  Now, I'm going to study English Literature, History and Maths at Hessle Sixth Form College."

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