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Hessle High School

Achieving Success

By constantly reviewing our courses, setting highly aspirational academic targets for all and by using innovative learning practices and utilising new technologies, we provide a stimulating, active learning environment.

We strive for aspirational academic success and offer a wide range of courses that suit the individual aptitudes and aspirations of all our students.

We offer both a traditional curriculum and an ever increasing variety of challenging vocational courses, which appeal to all students and prepares them well for further study or employment. We closely monitor progress and frequently share this information with parents by Learning Progress Summaries and Information Evenings.

We pride ourselves on knowing all our students as individuals and recognise that every young person has different needs and aspirations. ‘Every child really is capable of extraordinary achievement’ and ensuring that they get the very best advice and support during their school years is our top priority. This level of guidance and support has a proven track record in delivering academic success at all levels.

Every young person who comes to us is different, it is both a challenge and a privilege to ensure we address their individual needs

2018 GCSE highlights:

  • 99.1% overall pass rate, in new, more rigorous 9-1 GCSEs
  • 61% of all grades in new 9-1 GCSEs were Grade 5 or higher
  • 76% of all grades in new 9-1 GCSEs were Grade 4 or higher
  • One in five grades in new 9-1 GCSEs were Grade 7 or higher
  • 36 new Grade 9s achieved
  • Three students achieved five or more new Grade 9s
  • Overall BASICS (4+ in Eng/Ma) was 70% and BASICS (5+ in Eng/Ma) was 50%
  • Outstanding results were recorded by Computer Science (80% Grade 4 or above); History (83%); Photography (88%); French (100%); PE (85%) Business (87%); Textiles (82%)
  • Progress 8 estimated +0.30

Student Success Stories

Caitlin Thatcher 

“Caitlin’s results are nothing short of astonishing. She has achieved seven Grade 9s – the highest possible grade awarded to a very small proportion of students nationally. In addition, she also picked up an A* in Textiles and a Distinction* in Dance. Caitlin is a gifted student but these results are a testament to her hard work and commitment to do well; qualities that she will now take into Hessle Sixth Form where she intends to study English Literature, Maths and History.”

Caitlin said; “I am really proud of my results. The teachers here supported me throughout my journey at Hessle High School and ensured I achieved my potential.”

Joseph Frost

“Every aspect about Joe has been exceptional. His work ethic, attitude, and quality of his work. A gifted footballer, Joe used his sporting prowess to secure a Grade 8 in PE where he also impressed his teacher with the amount of independent work he undertook. Joe achieved a Grade 7 or Grade A in all eleven subjects that he studied which is a triumph of consistency. He will now move into the Sixth Form where he will study Law, Maths and History.”

Joseph said; “The school staged amazing revision sessions which helped me to achieve my grades. I am particularly delighted with my Grade 9 in Maths.”

Christos Lykoudis

“Christos has performed exceptionally well especially in Maths and Science subjects where he achieved four straight Grade 9s. He now intends to study Maths, Physics and Chemistry at Hessle Sixth Form next year. Christos puts everything into his studies to secure the best possible outcomes and he fully deserves every success that comes his way.”

Christos said; “I am so happy with my results. I will be attending the Sixth Form at Hessle to study Computer Science, Maths and Physics. I cannot wait for my next step.”

Andrew Simpson

“Andrew is the type of student that every teacher wants to teach. His attitude, work ethic and desire to do well is infectious. Andrew achieved three Grade 9s and, altogether, ten of his grades were Grade 7 or Grade A or better. He will look to continue that success in the Sixth Form, studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry.”

Andrew said; “Overall I am really happy with my results! I achieved a 9 in Maths, Physics and Computer Science and I will be studying these subjects at A Level.”

Seymagul Nas

“Seymagul has made exceptional progress at Hessle High School. She is a fantastic example of what can be achieved through persistence and remaining committed to her studies. She will be especially proud of her Grade 8 in Maths.”

Seymagul said; “I am really happy with my high grades, particularly my grade 8 in Maths. The teachers ran after school clubs which undoubtedly helped me to achieve so well.”


Hannah Costello

“Hannah’s Progress 8 score means that she achieved more than two grades better than similar students nationally, which is an astonishing achievement. Her results were consistently strong with Grade 5s or higher in all ten of her subjects.”

Hannah said; “I am delighted with my English grades. However, I am proudest of my Music achievements as I will be studying this at A Level.”

Miriam Kensett

“Miriam has made exceptional progress at Hessle High School and has performed consistently well across all of her subjects. She will be especially proud of achieving Grade 9s in Photography and Food and a Grade 8 in History.”

Miriam said; “I am absolutely delighted with my grade 9’s in Photography and Food Preparation and Nutrition. I would like to thank everyone at Hessle High School for supporting me on my journey.”

Josh Newton

“Josh has made excellent progress at Hessle High School, exceeding his targets in almost all subjects. He will be especially pleased with Grade 3s in English and Science and he also achieved a Level 2 Merit in BTEC Sport, a subject in which he worked incredibly hard, showing great tenacity to complete his coursework and prepare for his exam. Josh will now move onto his first choice pathway, studying Catering at East Riding College.”

Josh said; “I am most proud of my English Language result as I had to work hard and really challenge myself to ensure I secured my grade.”

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