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Hessle High School

Key members of staff

The teaching and support staff work together to manage, maintain and develop all areas of the School. The students bring the School its ever-changing life and achievements but the teaching staff set the course and shape the future.

The teaching and support staff create the atmosphere and environment of the School, encouraging achievement, enabling learning and ensuring a caring community where all our pupils can flourish.

Senior Leadership Team

Position Name
Executive Headteacher Mrs S Young
Associate Headteacher Mr V Groak
Head of School Mr S Wilson
Assistant Headteacher - Director of Studies Mrs L Price
Assistant Headteacher - Student Welfare Mr C Sinclair
Assistant Headteacher - Standards Mrs J Meir
Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion Mrs J Anderson
Director of Sixth Form Mr S Jarman

Support Staff

Position Name
Operations Manager Mrs S Greenley
Finance Manager Mrs C Hardy
Attendance and Welfare Manager    Mrs S Ward
Safeguarding Manager Mrs A Hanning
Raising Standards Leader Mr J Hamilton
Consortium Manager Mrs N Witherwick
Technical Lead Mr B Roberts
Facilities Manager Mr M Owen
Student Services Mrs R Lacey
House Leader - Ariel Mrs J Duckwith
House Leader - Cassio Mr N Leckenby
House Leader - Orlando Mr L Julian
House Leader - Portia Mrs T Taylor
Sixth Form Student Services Mrs A Fantini
Sixth Form Student Services Mrs N Wilson
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