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Hessle High School

Information and Letters to Parents

Mobile Phone Policy

Please read letter here

England Supporters Day 

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Ariel House Raffle Prizes

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Hessle High Maths Department

Celebrating our Hegarty Stars!!

Since the start of the new academic year the Maths department have been using Hegartymaths as the new online homework platform. We have had some fantastic success over this first term and recently Mr Willson has been to hand out certificates & prizes to all our “Hegarty stars” who have shown outstanding effort and commitment to their studies.

The Hegarty Star Awards were given to students who had clocked the most learning hours over the first half term from September 4th – October 26th;

Year 7 - Jahla S 10.3 hours

Year 8 – Scarlett E 10.74 hours

Year 9 – Hayley W 14.74 hours

Year 10 – Joanna T 11.85 hours

Year 11 – Ryan J 16.46 hours

As of the 3rd December 2018 the students in the school collectively have answered an incredible 150787 questions and logged 3579 learning hours. A fantastic effort which will reward pupils who engage with it by improving their maths skills over time – keep it up!!

Please continue to encourage your children to log on at www.hegartymaths.com and complete their homework each week.

Year 11 Media, Art and Photography deadlines


Media  Unit 3 deadline  Wednesday 19 December 2018  
Art  Coursework deadline  Thursday 20 December 2018  
Photography  Coursework deadline  Friday 21 December 2018   
Art Exam Paper Launch  Thursday 10 January 2019  Period  1-3
Photography  Exam Paper Launch  Friday 11 January 2019 Period 1-3
Art Exam  Monday 1 April and Tuesday 2 April 2019 All day, both days 
Photography  Exam  Wednesday 3 April and Thursday 4 April 2019 All day, both days


Google Classroom 

Please view information here on how to help your child access Google Classroom.

Ofsted Inspection - Wednesday 12 & Thursday 13 September 2018

Please read letter here

School Inspections - a guide for parents - please read information here

Ofsted is inspecting your school, and would like to hear your views. You can do this by completing an online pupil questionnaire at the following link:


Your views are really important to us, and will help inspectors understand your experience of school. The questionnaire will close at 11am on 12 September 2018, to give the inspector time to look at the results. The questionnaires work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11, and on mobiles and tablets when you copy and paste the link into the browser.

We do not ask for your name, so you will not be identified from the responses you make.

School Bus Service 

Please find details below of the revised school bus service serving Hessle High School & Sixth Form College following our annual review of the service, prices and routes.

Payment for the bus can be made daily in cash directly to the bus driver or a discounted termly pass can be purchased.  Daily fares can be bought for a single journey or return journey at a slightly reduced rate.  If a return ticket is bought, your child must retain their ticket for the return journey; failure to do so will result in a additional fare being charged.

We have discounted a termly pass by approximately 10%, a personalised pass will be issued upon receipt of the fully payment (see table of charges below).  A significant level of subsidy is paid by the school to keep costs to a minimum.  There will be no other price concessions.

We expect students using the buses to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and could result in your child being refused a place on the bus or the service being withdrawn.  Please speak to your child regarding the Bus Behaviour Guide below.

We would actively encourage older students to provide a positive role model and for all students to report any concerns to the Student Services Team. 

For more information on bus routes, times and fees or to download the School Bus Termly Application Form please click here 

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