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Hessle High School

Information and Letters

Headteacher's Update 

Please click here to read the Headteacher's updates regarding the Coronavirus Panademic and the impact on school.


Youth Service Agreement 

For more information click here

Please click here for The Data Collection Form 

PE Kit Letter 

Please read the letter here.

GCSE Pod Letter

Please read the letter here.

Bus Route/ Diversion Letter

Please read the letter here.

Please note the diversion is now from November exact dates will be confirmed shortly.

Peripatetic Music Letter

September 2020

Please read the letter here.

Year 10 Power Lectures and Google Classroom

13 July 2020 

Please read the letter here.

The Consortium Academy Trust Chief Executive's letter

May 2020

Please read the letter here


Headteachers Response to the Prime Minister's Statement

11 May 2020

Please read the letter here.

Team Creative Challenge Letter 

Please read the letter here.

Year 11 Student Letter 

Please read the letter here

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 

Please read the information here

Year 8 Pathways Information Evening

Please read the Pathways Powerpoint here.


Year 9 Prison Me No Way Crime and Safety Day 

Please read letter here.

Summer Term Bus Pass

Please read letter here.

Coronavirus letter

Please read letter here.

Year 10 Humber Skills Event

Please read the letter here.


New Bus Timetable (H4) Letter 

Please click here 

Mock Interview Day Letter

Please click here

Year 11 Revision Timetable Letter 

Please read letter here.

Year 7 Meet the Tutor 

Please read letter here 

Please click here for The Data Collection Form 

Revised Bus Times

Please read letter here

Google Classroom 

Please view information here on how to help your child access Google Classroom.

Ofsted Inspection - Wednesday 12 & Thursday 13 September 2018

Please read letter here

School Inspections - a guide for parents - please read information here

Ofsted is inspecting your school, and would like to hear your views. You can do this by completing an online pupil questionnaire at the following link:


Your views are really important to us, and will help inspectors understand your experience of school. The questionnaire will close at 11am on 12 September 2018, to give the inspector time to look at the results. The questionnaires work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11, and on mobiles and tablets when you copy and paste the link into the browser.

We do not ask for your name, so you will not be identified from the responses you make.

School Bus Service 

Please find details below of the revised school bus service serving Hessle High School & Sixth Form College following our annual review of the service, prices and routes.

Payment for the bus can be made daily in cash directly to the bus driver or a discounted termly pass can be purchased.  Daily fares can be bought for a single journey or return journey at a slightly reduced rate.  If a return ticket is bought, your child must retain their ticket for the return journey; failure to do so will result in a additional fare being charged.

We have discounted a termly pass by approximately 10%, a personalised pass will be issued upon receipt of the fully payment (see table of charges below).  A significant level of subsidy is paid by the school to keep costs to a minimum.  There will be no other price concessions.

We expect students using the buses to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and could result in your child being refused a place on the bus or the service being withdrawn.  Please speak to your child regarding the Bus Behaviour Guide below.

We would actively encourage older students to provide a positive role model and for all students to report any concerns to the Student Services Team. 

For more information on bus routes, times and fees or to download the School Bus Termly Application Form please click here 

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