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Hessle High School

Stay at Home Project


Welcome to our Stay at Home Project area where you can follow our students as they continue on their learning journey whilst staying at home and sharing what it is like to be part of Life during Lockdown.

Our aim is to create displays in school celebrating work students have done and experiences they have had at home during the lockdown. We hope that by doing this we can ensure future students will be able to learn and understand about this extraordinary period of our lives that will become part of our History.


Celebrating students’ success whilst they study at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

#Staying at Home


The “Stay Home Project” COVID-19 Lockdown Life Archive

What is the Stay Home Project?

To celebrate students’ success whilst studying at home during the worldwide Coronavirus crisis, we plan to create displays in school using work high school students have produced and from their experiences during the lockdown.

How can students get involved?

In order to keep a record of this extraordinary period in history, we wish to collect details of firsthand experiences students encountered and objects which will remind them of life during the lockdown. This archive will ensure future students can learn about and understand this extraordinary period. We will focus on how children and young people are reacting to and coping with the changes to everyday life. The Stay Home Project aims to capture a broad picture of what home life looks like during the pandemic.

Students please consider… How has the virus affected your life since the school closure?

Students contributions will be displayed in school could include information and objects such as; videos, photographs, poetry, drawings, paintings, music, objects, clothing, leaflets, receipts for hard to purchase items, etc.

Help us create an archive

Send your tutors your contributions. Some contributions may need to be kept safe until the schools reopens, but if possible send a photograph to us now.

The Hull History Centre are running a similar project and you may find inspiration for you and your wider family here: www.hullhistorycentre.org.uk/whats-on/activities/Living-Through-the-Lockdown.aspx

We will track progress of the project on our website and our Twitter feed #HessleHigh and will develop a wonderful display in school for you all to see when we return.

We look forward to seeing your contributions.


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