Hessle High School part of The Hessle Academy Community Trust 2016 GCSE highlights:

  • 72% of students achieved the Basics measure, attaining an A* - C in both English & Maths
  • 70% of students achieved 5 GCSEs grades A* - C including Maths & English and 3 other ‘good’ GCSE’s
  • 33% achieved English Baccalaureate, beating the national average for the fifth consecutive year
  • Progress 8 was +0.4, meaning students on average achieved half a grade higher than their projection from Key Stage 2 outcomes
  • 85% of students achieved an A* - C in Maths and 100% of students achieved A* - G in Maths and English.

The Hessle Academy is once again celebrating today after Sixth Form Students not only achieved the best A Level results in the school’s history last week but Hessle High School students have also beaten 2015’s record GCSE results.

72% of students achieved the Basics measure, attaining an A* - C in both English and Maths. This was up from 68% in 2015. 70% of students achieved the previous Gold Standard measurement of 5 GCSEs grades A* - C including Maths & English and 3 other ‘good’ GCSE’s, up from 66% in 2015 and 33% achieved the English Baccalaureate, beating the national average for the fifth consecutive year.

Sarah Young, Executive Headteacher, commented, “I am absolutely thrilled with our headline measures and our results truly reflect what can be achieved with the right teaching, facilities, support and attitude to learning.’

“We have made significant progress in Maths and English with 72% achieving an A* - C. There has also been much improvement in Technology subjects, due in part to the students benefitting from the brand new facilities at the Academy. Our students also continue to perform strongly in individual science subjects and Humanities to name but a few.

“Following last year’s record grades, we set ourselves the challenge to deliver another set of outstanding results to ensure our students have the very best progression chances and through sheer hard work and determination, which has involved extra revision classes and working weekends, that’s exactly what our staff and students have achieved.’

“Congratulations class of 2016, I wish you well in your future studies or careers. I also thank their parents and our staff for all their hard work, as ever at Hessle a great team effort.”

GCSE Student Success Stories

William Ransom (aged 16)

“William has worked tremendously hard throughout the year and we are absolutely delighted that the effort has paid off to achieve an outstanding 8A*s and 3A grades at GCSE. Congratulations William.”

William commented, “I’m so pleased with my results. I did work hard so I was hoping to get good grades but still I was surprised at achieving 8A*s. I’m looking forward to studying A Levels in English Literature, Classics, History and Maths at Hessle Sixth Form College.”

Jack Bellenie (aged 16)

“Jack is one of our star characters and has grown up through the Academy having joined us at Penshurst. Jack has done incredibly well to achieve 9A*s and 1A at GCSE and we look forward to welcoming him to the Sixth Form.”

Jack commented, “I’m really happy with my results. I had a lot of support from my teachers and they really helped me obtain my grades. It’s because of the support network here, combined with the new Sixth Form facilities that I’m staying onto study A Level Maths, English Literature, Biology and Physics. I’m really looking forward to the next two years.

Jess Low (aged 16)

“Jess is one of the school’s real success stories. Through sheer hard work and determination Jess has made significant progress and achieved grades 2.5 times higher than predicted at Key Stage 2 attaining 7A*s & 3 Bs. Well done Jess!”

Clearly thrilled, Jess commented, “I’m surprised I got A*s, I just wasn’t expecting it, especially in my science subjects. I have worked really hard and my teachers have been fantastic. We’ve had additional revision sessions after school and on weekends and they’ve really helped me, especially Miss Buckley. I’m looking forward to joining the Sixth Form and studying Maths, English and Drama with a view to going onto University.”

Zoe Westoby (aged 16)

“Zoe has been a joy to teach and we’re thrilled that all her hard work has paid off to achieve 5A*s, 3As and 1B.”

“I felt sick opening my results,” commented Zoe, “I can’t believe I got 5A*s, I really wasn’t expecting it. I’m so pleased. It means I can go onto study A Level Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Geology at Hessle Sixth Form.”

Vincent Klein (aged 16)

“Vincent has been dedicated to his studies and has achieved a fantastic 10A*s. Congratulations Vincent!”

“I have worked really hard so I hoped for good grades but I’m still surprised I got 10A*s. I’m hoping to get into one of the Russell Group Universities, possibly Oxford to study medicine, so I’m intending to stay at Hessle and study A Level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Drama. I’ve had a lot of support from my teachers and Hessle High is a great place to study.”

Ben Beal (aged 16)

Giving a huge sigh of relief and grinning from ear to ear, Ben commented, “I’m amazed at my results, I got several A*s, Bs and Cs which I didn’t anticipate. I got a B in Computer Science which is a shock as half way through the year I was failing it and I got an A in Maths which is fantastic. I’ve had so much support from my teachers; I’d like to thank Mr Scott for his help in Computer Science and Miss Edwards for the help with Maths. I’m staying on at Hessle Sixth Form to study Maths, History and Government and Politics as I’d like to go onto study Law at University.”

Cecilia Marchant (aged 16)

Celebrating with her friends having achieved 10A*s in her GCSE’s, Cecilia commented, “I’m really pleased with my results. I wanted to see what grades I got before deciding what A Levels I want to study, however I will definitely be staying on for Hessle Sixth Form. I’m looking forward to experiencing the new Sixth Form facilities and I know that I’ll get the support of my teachers if I stay here. I’m looking to the next two years.

David Hall (aged 16)

David is another student who has made significant progress to achieve three grades higher than initially predicted. Looking very happy to have achieved 4As 1 B and 2C’s David commented, “Although I put in the work I wasn’t expecting to get these grades. The A’s are a total shock. It does mean I’ve got the grades to stay on for the Sixth Form. I’m planning to study Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Geology A Levels.

Josh Jefferson (aged 16)

Making an incredible effort to overcome learning difficulties Josh was rewarded for his efforts with 5C’s. Surprised and pleased, Josh commented, “My teachers really helped me get these grades, I wasn’t expecting to do this well and it’s down to their support. I’m going onto college to study IT as I’d like to have a career in programming.”

Edwina Henriques (aged 16)

Edwina was the first pupil at Hessle High school to sit GCSE Portuguese and achieved a fantastic A grade. “I’m thrilled, I got a mixture of As and Bs in my GCSEs. I worked really hard and it’s paid off. I’m going onto study A Level Maths, English, Geography and Art in the Sixth Form.”