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Penshurst Primary School


The Curriculum...built upon a love of reading

Everyone can achieve the extraordinary….

Our broad and balanced curriculum creates a range of memorable experiences and opportunities for the children in our care. We develop children’s character through our school values, British values, key themes, global development and most importantly through a passion for reading. Rich and varied texts drive our curriculum inspiring a thirst for knowledge, a love of language and an opportunity to visit the unknown. We ensure our through school values weave through our curriculum and that the children are:

kind    resilient    respectful    aspirational    responsible    and have integrity

Our three main intentions are to:

Develop a love of learning and strive for academic, physical and artistic success
  • We provide clear, consistent and progressive teaching sequences so that pupils master knowledge, skills and understanding for each curriculum area that lead to meaningful, high quality outcomes.
  • Key skills are taught explicitly so that they can be mastered and applied within and across the curriculum and beyond. These are taught progressively and feed into our secondary phase curriculum.
  • Knowledge is organised coherently to ensure progression so that pupils have strong core knowledge across our rich curriculum which is not repeated at the secondary phase but instead is built upon. 
  • We effectively use assessment for and of learning so that we can identify next steps for pupils on their journey to true mastery and depth.
  • Along with our core values, we provide a language rich environment, with an emphasis on talk and vocabulary, which underpins our curriculum so that children can thrive and become confident, literate individuals.
  • We effectively use assessment for and of learning so that we can identify next steps for pupils on their journey to true mastery and depth ensuring that when they transition to our secondary phase both challenge and support are immediately available.
Develop the character of our learners through their behaviours and habits, ensuring they become effective learners and flourish as human beings
  • We develop children’s understanding of how to learn and behave, taking responsibility for their actions through a restorative approach and through rich, connected learning opportunities and real life experiences so that pupils can become rounded individuals. 
  • We encourage and develop links with our secondary phase across subjects and groups-such as the student leaders -so that pupils experience effective transition and embed behaviour expectations.
  • We provide a range of extracurricular activities so that pupils can master concepts, skills, socialisation and knowledge beyond the curriculum.
Develop the moral and civic compass of our learners
  • We encourage an understanding of diversity, culture, British values and religion so that pupils celebrate differences including through the delivery of RSE lessons.

We have developed a behaviour system in conjunction with parents, staff and pupils so that expectations are clear and transparent and restorative in nature.