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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does school start? 

In FS1 the morning session runs from 8:45am – 11.45am and in the afternoon from 12.15pm – 3:15pm.

What are the term dates?

Full details of our term dates and daily activities can be found here

What is the school uniform? 

Details of what boys and girls must wear can be found on the EYFS Uniform Guidelines page.

Where can I buy the school uniform? 

We have a simple school uniform that can be bought at most clothing shops. School sweatshirts can be purchased from Rawcliffe’s Schoolwear, Savile Street, Hull all year round. See our EYFS Uniform Guidelines page for full details. 

How do I make an application for a school place? 

Make an application to your home Local Authority for all places except Nursery provision where contact should be made directly with the school. Further details can be found on our Application Form here.

Can you accept applications from a child with special needs? 

Applications received relating to children with statements of special educational needs will be dealt with in accordance with the National Code of Practice on Special Educational Needs. Where a school is named in a child’s statement of educational special needs, the school has a duty to admit the child. For further details please visit our SEND Provision page or contact the Director of Learning Support.

When will my child start in Reception? 

This will depend on their age and parental preference, usually children join Reception class in the September before their 5th birthday. Further details can be found on our Enrol your Child page and for further advice you can speak to the school office staff.

What do I do if I have any concerns regarding my child? 

It is always best to first approach your child’s class teacher to discuss any concerns you may have. Your child’s teacher may need to find out further information regarding your concerns and would, therefore, not always be able to meet with you immediately, but will arrange a suitable time to see you once all the information is to hand. If you feel that matters remain unresolved, you may wish to make an appointment to see the Headteacher.

My child is sick, how do I report an absence? 

If your child is sick, please contact the school before 9:00am on the first day of absence to report the absence. Contact should be made on every other day of illness. Further details and support on specific illness relevant to school attendance can be gained by speaking with the Attendance and Welfare Manager. 

What is the best time to talk to a teacher if I have a question? 

We would discourage parents from trying to talk to a teacher in the morning as they are busy preparing for the school day. We would advise you to speak to the teacher at the end of the school day after all the children have been dismissed. We can also make appointments in the school office for parents to see the class teacher or another member of staff.

At what age is school attendance compulsory? 

Children are required to be in school full-time from the age of five. Attendance at Nursery is optional.

Where will I find the latest performance tables and Ofsted report? 

View our latest performance tables and Ofsted report.

Where can I find a copy of letters to parents? 

A copy of all letters sent to parents during the school year can be found on our Parent Communications page.

How do I get to Penshurst Primary School? 

Directions on how to get to Penshurst Primary can be found on our How to get here page.

Can I park at the school? 

There is no parking within the school grounds and the access and egress points into the school locality are extremely congested at peak times. We would strongly advise parents to take the healthy and environmentally friendly option with their child(ren) and walk to school. Please keep the school entrance clear and be sensitive to the needs of our neighbours. It is illegal to stop on the zigzag lines near the school to drop off your child. If there are fewer cars near the school entrances there is more likelihood that children will be visible when leaving school and, therefore, safer.

Can my child cycle to school? 

Yes, your child can cycle if they are accompanied by an adult. If you wish your child to cycle on their own we would need a permission letter from the parent with parental responsibility. Children and parents are asked to dismount from their cycles/scooters at the school gate and walk through the school grounds to ensure the safety of pedestrians on site. A secured, covered cycle shed is provided on site but children should be encouraged to bring a bicycle lock and helmet and begin to develop good and safe road practices. The school takes no responsibility for bicycles/scooters left on the school site.

Can my child walk to school alone? 

No, children must be accompanied by an adult. If you wish an older child to walk to school alone we must receive a permission letter from the parent with parental responsibility, except in Year 6 where verbal parental permission is acceptable. Children in any year group are not allowed to leave the school site during the day on their own, this includes at lunchtime. Though we would urge children to stay at school for lunch we understand that on occasion parents may wish them to have a 'home lunch'. In these circumstances parents (or someone identified on the approved collection list) must collect the child from reception.

What is the school meal service? 

The children in Foundation Stage 2 are able to choose from hot dinners, packed lunch or home. Our School meals service is provided by abm Catering. They are leading independent experts in the Contract Catering Industry with an excellent reputation both in the education sector and beyond. To see the latest details please visit our School Meals page.

What should I put in my child’s packed lunch? 

We encourage healthy eating and expect parents to choose healthily when creating a packed lunch.

An example of a healthy packed lunch:

  • A sandwich
  • No crisps except baked snacks eg. baked crisps, cheddars
  • A wafer biscuit, yoghurt and a piece of fruit
  • Bottle of water or juice
  • No sweets, fizzy drinks, nuts or chocolate (unless covering a wafer/biscuit)

How much is a school meal? 

Dinner money is £2.40 per day. Children are entitled to a free hot lunch up to Year 2. Arbor Pay is our preferred payment method for school lunches. If parents feel they are entitled to free school meals for their child in Years 3-6, please collect the necessary forms from the school office or parents can contact the local authority directly.

What do I do if my child has lost a piece of clothing? 

We advise that parents sew a name label into all clothing or write the child’s name in indelible ink. If an item goes missing your child must inform the class teacher and look in the lost property. We will do our utmost to find lost items, but we are unable to provide a replacement.

Can my child bring toys into school? 

No, we normally discourage toys or collectables (e.g. football cards) being brought to school, unless the class teacher has specifically requested that they do. Please always check with the class teacher.

Can I receive the Headteacher’s Blog and updates by email? 

Updates will be emailed to parents, but can also be obtained from our website from the Headteacher's Blog section.

Is there a before and after school provision? 

There are an extensive number of after school activities which are arranged to run throughout term time. There is also a term time Breakfast Club. Details of our current activities can be found on our school clubs page.

How can parents get involved? 

We encourage parents to get involved in various ways from attending trips to individual reading. If you would like to help please contact the school office.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question then please do not hesitate to contact us.