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Penshurst Primary School

House System



Throughout The Hessle Academy every learner and member of staff is part of a house community. Each house has a specific identity and forms a community within the wider school. We strongly believe that this provides learners with an increased sense of belonging.

At Penshurst Primary we have four house teams named after penguins - Emperors, Kings, Rockhoppers and Snares. Pupils are divided into each of the houses with an equal mix of year groups in each. This structure means that pupils are no longer part of an age specific year group but instead, all years have the opportunity to mix and work together allowing for collaboration to take place fostering the Restorative ethos.

All children take place in a ‘sorting hat’ event when they join in FS2 which allocates their place in a given house. We also have a school mascot called ‘Pablo the Penguin’ who runs his own shop; pupils spend their Penguin Pounds at Pablo’s shop during Celebration Time on a Friday afternoon.

Penguin Pounds are received during the week for good behaviour, super work, excellent attitudes and use of manners.

Pupils remain with the same House until they move into Hessle High School when they will join their new House, with young people from many other primary schools their new friends in the making.