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Parental Feedback

We are so proud of our students achievements and often receive thanks and that makes us even more proud of our staff too. We really appreciate students, parents and carers spending their time writing to us with feedback and we have shared some with you below.....


XXXX has not attended school through any lockdown and has been online everyday for every lesson. All the staff in year 2 have just been fantastic, they have had a massive impact on XXXX. It has also been nice to get to know the other year 2 teachers as we don't really see them with just dropping XXXX at the door of her class. But throughout online learning all teachers have supported us, they have always replied back to any queries we have and always happy to help when XXXX gets stuck. They are always happy and smiling and I really don't know how they keep over 30 children going, I really don't!

Also your office staff have been fantastic too, have replied to all my emails and phone calls. They have helped me alot over the week. 

A thank you to yourself for your videos teaching the children how to sign the song a thousand years, XXXX has absolutely loved this and has become so confident doing this. And your always smiling on the gate in the morning even in the rain.

Parent of a student in Year 2 


I just wanted to thank my children’s teachers for all of their hard work over these past four weeks (I know it isn’t easy).

My son has been struggling a bit these past few weeks but he was so happy to see Mr Alston back this week (it actually made his month) and he’s had a great few days home schooling! So I would personally like to thank Mr Alston for this. It has been so lovely to see him enjoying his learning over these past few days and regaining some of his confidence.

I would also like to thank the rest of the year 4 team for doing an amazing job!

Parent of a student in Year 4 


Firstly I would just like to thank you for supporting me as a parent as I was struggling to come to terms with another lockdown approaching. 

I would like to thank you for being very approachable and having time to listen, I know I am that “anxious, obsessive parent” that as a teacher I once had to deal with and thought I would never be.

My son has loved starting school and seems to have settled in well. Mrs Barnett is a credit to the school and always has time to stretch and challenge my child and aim tasks at his strengths.

Parent of a student in Reception - Foundation Stage


I can’t express enough my thanks and admiration for all of the Penshurst staff. Today, my daughter in (year 5) had the BEST day eating scones and she loved her chocolate frog - thank you to the teacher who made them and made the lovely little boxes. It is so thoughtful and all these little touches just make the school so nurturing and you’re creating wonderful memories for these kids during hard times.

Parent of a student in Year 5 


Miss Dinsdale in Year 2 (teaches my daughter) and has been amazing and so supportive. We can’t thank her and the rest of the year 2 team enough!

We would like this message passing onto them as in these hard times things like this mean so much and we really appreciate and recognise how hard they are all working.

Parent of a student in Year 2 


Just sending a huge Thank you to Mrs Spencer and all that are stood outside on this bitter morning! Both my son and I were a little nervous about returning to school/new job but to be greeted with such a happy face and a warm welcome first thing and then to see a row of smiling faces from the teachers/TAs was just amazing, I am sure you all are frazzled and under immense pressure so to raising smiles among this madness shows truly what a fabulous team you all are.

Once again thank you to you all all your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

Parent of a student in Year 3 


Following a second period of homeschooling I would again like to thank the year 2 and 4 teaching teams involved with my children's learning and the office staff. 

Although it has been challenging for us, the teacher's have been creative to ensure the work set is as fun and interesting as possible. 

I would especially like to thank Miss Coates and the year 2 teachers. They have provided so much support for my child and set work for his individualised needs. This has been very helpful. They have also provided teaching advice for myself, which I am grateful. It really is appreciated and has helped us a great deal, hopefully it shows when he returns to school. 

Thank you all again, you have all been awesome! 

Parent of students in Year 2 and Year 4