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Penshurst Primary School

Pupil of the Week

Every week one child is chosen from each class to win the coveted award of Pupil of the Week. This award is given for various reasons, such as; being polite, listening well in class, working to the best of your ability, good attendance and following the rules in school.

The children are presented with their awards at school assemblies and the teachers write down exactly why the child deserves the award.

Class Child's Name  



Phoebe has demonstrated great aspiration in all her lessons. She has been working her little socks off in Phonics to learn how to read and write sentences. Phoebe always demonstrates one of our school values, 'kindness’. She is a pleasure to teach, keep up the hard work! 



For a big improvement in Blu’s behaviour this week. Blu is trying really hard to show respect during carpet sessions and listen to the teacher by facing the front and concentrating on the learning taking place. Blu has made a lot of progress in phonics writing the sounds that he needs in words. He is also making an effort to form his numbers correctly, showing great resilience.  Keep up the great work Blu! :-)  



Bonnie has impressed me over the past few weeks. Not only does she sit beautifully on the carpet.  She has taken responsibility for her learning. In literacy, Bonnie drew a prediction of what may happen next, she drew it in great detail. In maths, she has also been a superstar showing great resilience with her addition and subtraction skills. I am so proud of you. You are a kind and thoughtful girl, who is going from strength to strength. Well done, Keep it up!



My Pupil of the Week this week is Ventsi because his writing is becoming incredibly aspirational and he is carefully choosing exciting words to include in there. He is incredibly resilient and acts upon feedback in order to improve his work. Well done, Ventsi. 



Jude is our Pupil of the Week for the kindness he shows at all times. He showed this in a recent theme lesson with his super ideas about how we can care for the world around us. He is always respectful and a real pleasure to have in the classroom.



Albie is our Pupil of the Week for his determination and positive approach to learning. Albie has worked so hard to learn and apply new sounds within his sentences. He loves the u-e sound “Miss Walker is a huge brute!” Albie, we are so proud of you. Well done!



Oliver is showing a fantastic attitude to learning especially in phonics, he has produced some beautiful writing this week.  Oliver has worked hard and it really has paid off!  He is supported at home with his learning which really supports Oliver’s progression.  We are very proud of you Oliver. 



River’s responsible attitude to his work is commendable. He has been working hard over the last few weeks to ensure that his work is the best it can be and it is really starting to show (especially his extended writing pieces). His resilience is evident when struggling with reasoning concepts in maths as he is persevering and making fabulous progress! He is always respectful in the classroom to both his peers and adults alike. Super job River, keep it up!



This young lady could be a Pupil of the Week every week. Napinna is a child who consistently uses all of our school values in every aspect of her schooling. She shows integrity, respect and kindness to her classmates and adults, she takes responsibility for her learning by asking how to improve, her resilience is shining through with her Greater Depth maths questions and her aspiration to do well weaves its way through all of these and more. She takes great pride in her work and looks forward to showing it off. Fabulous work, Napinna!



Alistair absolutely blew my socks off during our best write last week. He took great pride and responsibility in his writing and I didn’t have to prompt him once to keep going. He was so focussed and determined and he really aspired to make it his best ever piece of writing. He remembered to include all of his capital letters and full stops and made sure all of his work made sense. I am bursting with pride, Alistair! Keep up your hard work.



Sedar is my Pupil of the Week for his excellent contributions to classroom discussions. He listens respectfully to others before thinking critically and sharing his own views, which are often very insightful. Keep up the good work Sedar.



Clara is my Pupil of the Week for her excellent attitude towards school. Clara consistently demonstrates our school values and works extremely hard to complete tasks to the best of her ability. Clara’s confidence has really grown over the past couple of weeks and this in turn has led to some fantastic written pieces of work! Keep up the great work, Clara!



Amelia is my Pupil of the Week for her amazing attitude towards her learning. Over the past week, she has shown each and every school value and her attitude towards her literacy has been amazing. She has been aspirational in her use of vocabulary and in class discussions shown respect to her peers. You’ve been a star, Amelia. Keep it up!



Frances consistently shows that she possesses many of our school’s values. Frances is resilient when faced with challenges, takes responsibility for her own learning and always aspires to produce the best work possible. Her hand is never down and she always asks appropriate questions which help her to improve her work. Keep up the great work, Frances!



During the visit from DS Steve, Lexi was amazing! She was so respectful of him and his job and asked him so many interesting questions. She was incredibly enthusiastic and showed great respect and kindness. It has also been a joy to see Lexi's confidence grow in lessons over the past few weeks - I think the student teachers have really given her a boost! Well done Lexi - please keep it up!



Scarlet always demonstrates our school values of resilience and aspiration. In Maths she always strives to get as far through the levels as possible. Also, when reading our lead texts she always aspires to increase her vocabulary by keeping an extensive list of words that she doesn’t understand.



My pupil of the week is Dylan. Being a house captain, Dylan tries to show many of the school values when he can. He has shown that he has great integrity and will speak up if something is not right. Always giving 100% to his tasks, he is maturing into a sensible young man who knows when to work and when to have a laugh. His work is thoughtful and beautifully presented. Well done


Joseph My Pupil of the Week this week is Joseph. In the past few weeks, Joseph has really proved that he is ready for the challenges of high school, showing maturity, and integrity, and has worked extremely hard in lessons. In the past week, Joseph has made huge efforts in his writing work, showing real aspiration. His independent ideas are fantastic and his presentation just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the hard work, Joseph, and you’ll end the year on a fantastic high. Well done.



Abigail is my POW this week for her resilient attitude in lessons. She takes feedback well and tries to implement it into her work which means she takes responsibility for herself, ensuring that she furthers her own learning. As well as this, Abi is very aspirational and has proved herself very hard-working this week in our Mock SATs where it was clear she aimed to do her absolute best. Well done, Abi.