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Penshurst Primary School

Pupil of the Week

Every week one child is chosen from each class to win the coveted award of Pupil of the Week. This award is given for various reasons, such as; being polite, listening well in class, working to the best of your ability, good attendance and following the rules in school.

The children are presented with their awards at school assemblies and the teachers write down exactly why the child deserves the award.

Class Child's Name  



Wow Soul, what an amazing week you had at school! You have been working incredibly hard in all your lessons and wowed the staff in FS2 with your amazing maths and phonics work! You have shown great resilience and determination with your name writing and you have finally mastered it! We are very proud of you! Keep up the hard work



Simona you could be my Pupil of the Week every week for your impeccable behaviour at all times. This week you have impressed me so much with how you aspire to be the best you can be at something. You found maths a little difficult when we introduced ‘one less’ and take away number sentences but you did not let it stop you from trying so hard and you knew that you would overcome the difficulties which you did. You had the confidence to ask questions and you chose to work on this skill at choosing time. You also show me and the other teacher so much respect by listening carefully to instructions. Your confidence is blooming and I love listening to you talk to the class about your experiences. You are an amazing member of the class and I am super proud of you!



Noah is my Pupil of the Week this week. He has shown respect by listening during lessons. He has shown resilience and kept on trying if he found something difficult. Noah has been impressing me in maths by putting his hand up and taking part. He has also tried his best sounding out his words during phonics. Well done Noah, I’m very proud of you. Keep it up!

Year 1 1AP/LW/SH


Filip is our Pupil of the Week this week.  He has shown respect at all times by listening and following instructions. Filip has also done some great independent writing in literacy. He has been remembering to proof-read his work to make sure his spellings are correct, he has included capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Well done Filip, keep up the good work!

Year 1 EF


Chase thoroughly deserves Pupil of the Week this week for his positive attitude, determination and the super effort he demonstrated throughout the week. In maths, Chase was the first to reach the Greater Depth Standard and I used his beautiful writing as an example because it was perfect! Chase is taking responsibility for his own learning and shows pride in his achievements. Brilliant! Well done Chase! 

Mrs Beal


Kian is this week's Pupil of the Week.  We have seen much improved behaviour and we are incredibly proud. Kian has shown kindness to his friends and has managed his behaviour beautifully outside of the classroom.  He has listened well to instructions and at times being a great example to younger peers. Well done Kian.



Leo, you are my Pupil of the Week because I have been so impressed with the responsibility you have shown towards your learning. You blew my socks off with your best writing and I know how hard you tried to ensure it was your very best piece of work. You were also the top point scorer in our class on TT Rockstars and all of your classmates were very thankful for all of the points you contributed towards the tournament. Well done, Leo. Keep it up. 



Louis is my Pupil of the Week for his responsibility towards his work and his aspiration to be working at the top of the Year group. He has produced a brilliant best write including all the Year 2 features needed and the most fabulous handwriting! In maths he is tackling the greater depth reasoning problems and he is also one of our top weekly times table scorers! Fabulous work Louis - keep it up!



Sophia is our Pupil of the Week for her incredible attitude and responsibility towards her work at the moment. She has really impressed Miss Dinsdale with her explanation writing about the life cycle of a frog and her neat handwriting to go with it. She also blew me away with all of the information that she could tell me about being healthy and why pirates were not the healthiest. Sophia, you are an absolute star!

Year 3



Angel has really impressed us with her resilience in maths, we have been working on some really tricky money problems and she has really stuck at it. Her confidence has grown so much in all of her lessons and she really is coming into her own. Such a delight, keep up the good work Angel! 



Abigail is my Pupil of the Week for her awesome work in maths where she showed great resilience and contributed greatly, answering a range of questions and confidently sharing how we answer questions. Her confidence in general has really grown and we are very proud of her. Excellent work, Abigail.



Mason is my Pupil of the Week for his excellent attitude towards his learning. Each week his writing ideas get better and better and he is really thinking about ways to improve. On top of this, he is always willing to share his ideas and answers with the class - which is great. Well done! 



My Pupil of the Week this week is Rosie. She has aspired to complete any task to the best of her ability and has shown fantastic resilience when faced with tricky situations. Additionally, Rosie’s confidence seems to have grown over the last couple of weeks which has been lovely to see. Keep up the fantastic work, Rosie!

Year 5



Jayden has wowed us this week with his times tables. He has worked hard to improve his knowledge of maths and his hard work was evident in his latest times tables test. Jayden has also been working hard in other lessons and is becoming more confident at sharing ideas in the classroom. Well done, Jayden! 



Keeley has really impressed us with her aspiration. Keeley has been working hard to improve her rapid recall of times table facts and her hard work is now paying off. Keeley is much more confident with her 2s 5s and 10s. Well Done Keeley!



Elliot demonstrated fantastic resilience in maths this week and did not let a tricky question defeat him. Elliot tried numerous times to tackle a question and just before the lesson ended, he got the answer he needed. Elliot’s ideas in reading lessons have also impressed me, showing his deeper understanding of the text. Well done Elliot, keep up the good work.



My Pupil of the Week this week is Isabelle for her effort in reading lessons. She is always generating discussions and has great inferences about the different texts we read and has really impressed me this week. Well done, Isabelle. 


Liam My Pupil of the Week this week is Liam. Since coming back after Christmas, I have seen a new Liam who is aspirational in lessons and taking more responsibility for this learning. His effort in maths has increased massively and his writing is a joy to read. Liam has got a lot of potential and I can now begin to see him fulfilling this potential as the term goes on. Keep up the hard work, Liam. It will really pay off by the time we reach SATs. Well done!