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Penshurst Primary School

Pupil of the Week

Every week one child is chosen from each class to win the coveted award of Pupil of the Week. This award is given for various reasons, such as; being polite, listening well in class, working to the best of your ability, good attendance and following the rules in school.

The children are presented with their awards at school assemblies and the teachers write down exactly why the child deserves the award.

Class Child's Name  



Buddy has really impressed all the staff in his year group with his amazing letter and number formation! He has shown great resilience in taking extra care to ensure all the numbers and letters are the correct way. Buddy is a lovely and caring friend, and a great role model to have in the class. Well done Buddy 



Mylah is my Pupil of the Week as she has made amazing progress with her writing.  This week, Mylah completed her writing independently and sounded out the words all by herself. Mylah shows resilience and now takes care to form each letter beautifully, she is such a kind and caring friend to everyone in Reception and loves to share her news from home! Mylah joins in with all learning and shows respect by listening and joining in during carpet sessions. Keep up the great work Mylah!  



Frankie is my Pupil of the Week as he continues to blow my socks off in all lessons! In Maths Frankie aspires to take his work to another level. His reading is also amazing. Frankie shows kindness and respect to everyone he meets. Well done Frankie, you are a Perfect Penshurst Pupil.



My Pupil of the Week is Ashby for being really resilient and open to trying new foods that he has never had before during our Wesak day. He has also been working incredibly hard with his phonics. Well done, Ashby. 



For the care and effort that Bella puts into her work, especially her writing. Bella aspires to achieve the best standard of work at all times and it has really shown recently with the fantastic sentences she is producing. Well done, Bella! 



James used his timer to remain on task and complete all of his work. James produced some fantastic work and showed real resilience.  He didn’t give up or lose focus. James worked hard and quickly asked for support when needed which allowed him to whizz through his activities. James, we are so proud. You “showed us what you know!” Well done!



Harry-Joe is this week's Pupil of the Week, he is such a happy little boy in class, he is kind and caring towards staff and peers. He tries hard especially in maths and never complains. His behaviour is used as an example to others. Harry-Joe in your words ‘YOU DID IT’. Keep being you and making us all smile. We are very proud of you.



Owen has really begun to take a responsible attitude to his learning in recent weeks. He is working incredibly hard to ensure his writing makes sense and he has made great progress with his handwriting too! He is very respectful in the classroom and shows great kindness to his peers. Well done Owen, I know you are working so hard to do your best at all times and I am very proud of all your efforts. Keep up the fantastic work!



I am so incredibly impressed with this young lady and her whole attitude to school. I have noticed that Layla is becoming increasingly confident in her maths and can grasp new skills very quickly. She is also taking more responsibility in her writing work by trying to think outside of the box to include some wonderful pieces of vocabulary, ensure she keeps up her lovely handwriting and that her spelling is as accurate as possible. Her excitement and enthusiasm is infectious with Layla frequently bouncing out of her seat in her eagerness to answer. Layla, you’re a star. 



Enzo is my Pupil of the Week because I was so impressed with his handwriting in his most recent best write. Enzo worked extremely hard to ensure that he formed all of his letters correctly and I could clearly read each and every word. On top of this, Enzo is always a sensible, kind and responsible member of our class and he always displays the Penshurst school values. He really is a delight to have in the classroom. Well done, Enzo!



For Rowan's responsible attitude towards his learning in lessons; he has been engaging positively in discussions helping the class to have a greater sense of ownership over lessons. His contribution towards planning an explanation text on ‘How to look after a dog’  was outstanding. Keep up the good work Rowan. Well done!



Araya is my Pupil of the Week for the last week of term for her fantastic attitude towards school. Araya really impressed Miss Carrick and Miss Giblin with the respect she demonstrated towards them, making them feel very welcome in our school and she has made me extremely proud! Araya also wowed me in her maths work and showed great integrity when using the mark sheet. Keep up the ace work, Araya!



Jayden is my Pupil of the Week for consistently showing the school values within his work and in his attitude towards school. He has shown such resilience lately, particularly within his reading and is going from strength to strength. Keep up the good work, Jayden



Poppy-Mai is my Pupil of the Week for consistently showing resilience. She always tries her best even when faced with challenging work. Poppy-Mai’s hardworking attitude makes her a pleasure to teach. Additionally, she is extremely enthusiastic about her learning and is a standout pupil in her reading group. 



Louisa is our Pupil of the Week for consistently putting in 100% into her work - we could genuinely award her with this every week. In particular, she has worked really hard and conscientiously in writing, ensuring she includes all of the Year 5 skills - and there are alot! She is also kind to both staff and her peers and takes responsibility each day for her learning.



For his fantastic writing work.



My Pupil of the Week this week is Maddison. Maddison is a very polite girl who always gives 100% in whatever learning she is doing. I was impressed, and usually am daily, with her reading Quick Start answers which shows that she is absorbing the texts we read. In writing she is always trying to improve and impresses with her resilience and attitude to learning. Congratulations Maddison!


Poppy My Pupil of the Week this week is Poppy. Since returning to school after lockdown, it took Poppy a week or two to get back up to speed with the demands of the classroom, but she is certainly up to speed now! Her confidence and resilience in maths is improving every day and her handwriting has improved a lot since we have been back. On top of this, the content she gets down in her writing shows real aspiration. Well done, Poppy.



My Pupil of the Week is Polly. Polly is a responsible and kind girl who works hard in every lesson. She tries her utmost in every subject and has a fantastic attitude when it comes to difficult work. Well done, Polly.