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Penshurst Primary School

School Meals

Free School Meals 

Information for parents of learners who are self isolating and eligible for a Free School Meal. Please click here.

More information can be found on the School Closure page from Thursday 2 April 2020 - Headteacher's Update please click here.

Our School meals service is provided by Chartwells. They are a large, national company with an excellent reputation both in the education sector and beyond.

Chartwells ensure that all pupils are provided with:

  • A high quality meal provision
  • A range of choice for all learners each day
  • An opportunity for pupils to be involved in special ‘theme days’
  • Opportunities for pupils to experience different cultural foods
  • Easy transactions for school meals to be retained for parents

ParentPay is our preferred payment method. Should you require to pay by cheque for school meals ONLY, please make it payable to Chartwells.  A seperate cheque would be required for other school items, made payable to Penshurst Primary School.

Please see the menus and leaflets provided by Chartwells for your information:

Summer and Autumn Term 2019

Autumn Term 2019 and Spring Term 2020

We are conducting surveys with pupils and parents over the life of the contract with Chartwells and as ever are keen to receive your views.

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