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Pupil of the Week

Every week one child is chosen from each class to win the coveted award of Pupil of the Week. This award is given for various reasons, such as; being polite, listening well in class, working to the best of your ability, good attendance and following the rules in school.

The children are presented with their awards at school assemblies and the teachers write down exactly why the child deserves the award.

Gavish For working really hard in lessons and has really impressed me with how much he wants to participate. He is trying so hard in Maths and the progress he is making is clear to see. Well done! 
Joe For super progression in Phonics  
Phoebe For her amazing work inside and outside school 
Napinna For her great effort in all subjects   
Olivia For overall attitude and effort in class, especially in her writing lessons. Beautiful letter formation. I am incredibly proud. 
Mia For her marvellous maths
Ethan For his hard work in writing. 
Layla For her increased confidence in Maths.
Caleb He has begun pushing himself in Maths and his hard work is beginning to pay off.
Ruby For dedication to her learning in and out of lessons.
Kevin For his all round enthusiasm for all things Harry Potter.  
Evan For his handwriting improvement and presentation of his best write book. . 
Sullivan For showing all of the schools values consistently throughout the week. Sullivan has really impressed me, he should be really proud.
Alfie  He is kind and caring and a pleasure to be around
Maisie The thought she has put into her writing is excellent. She takes care with each word and sentence to share her ideas clearly paying attention to include the grammatical features expected of her. It’s always a treat to read her work. Keep up the good work Maisie.
Mason For showing a massive increase in confidence in his writing, the independant ideas he gets down and his excellent presentation makes reading his work a joy!
Isabella  For her fantastic theme work especially in sewing
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