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Pupil of the Week

Every week one child is chosen from each class to win the coveted award of Pupil of the Week. This award is given for various reasons, such as; being polite, listening well in class, working to the best of your ability, good attendance and following the rules in school.

The children are presented with their awards at school assemblies and the teachers write down exactly why the child deserves the award.

Albie Albie is working really hard in all lessons and impressed me last week by making a super book all about fireworks. Well done!
Sebastian For fantastic work in phonics.
Aria For being a PPP. Super attitude to learning both in school and at home
Indie For excellent effort in her maths work.
Monica For her superb effort in Maths
Joseph For trying extra hard and impressing us with all of his work.
Francesca A brilliant change in attitude and confidence
Dylan For his outstanding application across the board this week.
Hayden For his excellent work in maths.
Kassadi Kassadi is always trying her hardest and is so helpful to everyone in the class
Georgie For taking responsibility for her own learning. Extra work outside of the classroom. Fantastic
Lola For being an always pupil and consistently following the school values.
Dylan The word 'pride' is fitting for his approach to the work he produces in the classroom. Whether it's timetables and calculating in Maths or content and presentation writing in English, Dylan pays careful attention to the fine details and never rushes. He makes sure to give a good account of himself.
Libby For showing amazing confidence and independence in her writing, for always demonstrating the core values of Penshurst and for bringing me in a homemade mince pie.
Conor For his enthusiasm in writing.
George For his effort in Writing. He has been working really hard to produce the best piece of narrative possible. I can’t wait to read the completed story.
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