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Pupil of the Week

Every week one child is chosen from each class to win the coveted award of Pupil of the Week. This award is given for various reasons, such as; being polite, listening well in class, working to the best of your ability, good attendance and following the rules in school.

The children are presented with their awards at school assemblies and the teachers write down exactly why the child deserves the award.

Kourtney Kourtney is producing some lovely independent pieces of writing using her phonics knowledge.
Indie Indie is working really hard in Maths, trying to solve problems independently. Indie has really impressed the teachers with her levels of engagement.
Leon Leon is a kind a caring friend who always uses his manners when asking for things. Leon also did some fantastic Maths work last week.
Ivy-Grace For her fantastic attitude to learning and for her progress in handwriting and phonics.
Jamie For his super effort in Maths.
Maia For a fabulous first week back after Easter. Maia has tried her best in all of her lessons and has been a pleasure to teach and to be around. Keep it up Maia!
Alfie For trying so hard in all of his lessons.
Lola Lola is an ‘always’ girl. Always kind, always cheerful and always considerate of others. Lola loves to make people happy and the class wouldn’t be as much fun without her.
Scarlett Scarlett has come back into school after the break recharged and has been brilliant in class! A PPP!
Indy Indy is an absolute trooper. She came back after the Easter break and just smashed it!
Lottie Lottie is always well behaved and good mannered. Lottie always tries incredibly hard in all of her lessons.
Mason For his amazing effort and attitude to learning.
Ollie For putting in 100% effort into all of his morning work with Mrs White.
Jacob For his sustained effort in all subjects.
Megan For always being so respectful, mature and well mannered in school. Megan is an excellent role model.
Lilybeth For turning up for both boosters each week, practising at home, trying so hard with all the revision we’ve completed and for her consistent excellent behaviour.
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