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Pupil of the Week

Every week one child is chosen from each class to win the coveted award of Pupil of the Week. This award is given for various reasons, such as; being polite, listening well in class, working to the best of your ability and following the rules in school.

The children are presented with their awards at school assemblies and the teachers write down exactly why the child deserves the award.

Name Teacher's Comments

For his amazing Maths skills outside.


Amelia has had a brilliant week, she made a dinosaur fact sheet, researching information from books and using her phonic knowledge to write about them. She did all of this for her sister as she knows how much she loves dinosaurs


For his amazing attitude and determination to learning! He is a total superstar. Great work, Alex.


For always being kind and thoughtful towards others.


Wendy is a superstar in Maths. She shows focus, effort, determination and improvement in her work


For his much improved attitude to learning in Maths and taking on the challenge of being moved to a different group in Literacy.


Since Christmas, Bedir has worked incredibly hard in all subjects, especially English where his workload has improved just as much as his attitude.


Polly is an absolute pleasure to have in the class. The care and effort that Polly puts into all of her work sets a great example for other children. Not only that but she is incredibly helpful and polite.


For always trying his best in every subject!


For being a massive helping hand to me in year 4. She also sets the example of behaviour for the rest of the class.

Ava Rose

She is an 'always' child, her perseverance and eagerness to succeed makes her a dream to teach.


For her hard work in Literacy and always being positive.


Outstanding effort at home and in lessons, incredibly helpful and really matured since Christmas. Lovely girl!


For her effort and enthusiasm in all lessons. Emily's behaviour is always impeccable and her quirky personality is an amazing asset to our classroom. Emily is a pleasure to teach!


For always showing great respect, manners and helpfulness towards her peers and adults in the school.

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