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Hessle Sixth Form College

Achieving Success

2017 A Level highlights:

  • Overall 100% Pass Rate (5 years in a row)
  • Overall 70% of grades achieved at A*A or B (or equivalent) in vocational and academic subjects
  • Overall 48% of grades achieved at A*- A or equivalent in vocational and academic subjects
  • 26% of grades achieved were A* to A grades in academic subjects
  • 60% of grades A*, A or B in academic subjects
  • Outstanding results seen in English with 100% grades A*- B, 89% of grades in Chemistry A*- B and 89% of grades in Biology A*- B
  • 89% of grades achieved at Distinction or Distinction* in vocational courses
  • Overall A*- C 84% in academic subjects

2017 Student Success Stories

Cameron Connor (aged 18)

"We are thrilled that Cameron's hard work has paid off and he going to Huddersfield University to study Creative Music Technology.  Cameron's music talent has entertained us all whilst he has been involved in so many extra curricular activities especially through his love of playing the drums.  We are very proud of his achievements.  Congratulations Cameron."

Cameron commented, "I'm really pleased with my results.  I achieved an A in Geology, A in Music and A* in Music Technology and I'm looking forward to going to Huddersfield University.  I'll really miss being part of the Hessle Sixth Form community, I've made some great friends and the teachers have been extremely supportive, going above and beyond to help me throughout my studies.  I'm lucky to have had the new music facilities at Hessle High School during the last year, they are really superb."

Argyle Bird (aged 18)

Argyle is a true inspiration to all of us at Hessle High School & Sixth Form College.  He has made a truly incredible effort with his studies and provides a great example that hard work and passion in your studies can lead to such success.  Well done Argyle."

Argyle commented, " I am thrilled with the results I have got.  I worked really hard for these exams and to achieve an A* in History, A* in RE and an A in Classics has really made my day.  I'm going to go and study Internation History and Politics at Leeds University.  I couldn't have achieved what I have without the support of my teachers and other members of staff who helped me whilst studying at Hessle High School & SIxth Form College."

George Humble (aged 18)

"George has always been determined and focused on a career in medicine and we are proud that he has achieved his dream of going onto study medicine at HYMS Medical School in Hull and York.  Fantastic effort, George! Congratulations!"

"I'm so pleased to have gained the grades I need to go and study medicine.  I have worked really hard during my time here at Hessle High School & Sixth Form and it has paid dividends in achieving an A in Biology, A in Chemistry and an A* in Maths.  I'd like to thank all the teachers who have supported me throughout my time at Hessle High School and given me the confidence to work towards my dream."

Lucy Witherwick (aged 18)

"We are really pleased for Lucy - she has shown real dedication to her studies and has been very proactive in gaining experience in her future career path.  This has been rewarded with a placement on the Unilever Higher Apprentice scheme for five years whilst undertaking a part time degree in Food Science at Nottingham Trent University.  Congratulations on your results! Well done, Lucy!"

Smiling from ear to ear, Lucy was estastic to find out she had achieved an A* in Biology, A in Chemistry and an A in Maths, " I put a lot of work and effort in and it means my career in Food Science is starting straight away with my Apprenticeship at Unilever starting in September for five years.  The teachers have been really helpful and supportive and I'd like to thank all of them who helped me."

Alisha Burnby (aged 18)

"Alisha has been completely dedicated to her A level studies travelling across the Consortium to be able to study French, German and Geography.  We are delighted that she has gained the results she needs to go and study French, German and Spanish at Newcastle University.  Well done Alisha and congratulations!"

"I am really pleased to have achieved  an A in French, A in German and B in Geography.  I am now looking forward to studying my degree in French/German and Spanish at Newcastle University.  I have made lifelong friends at Hessle High School & Sixth Form and would like to thank all my teachers for their help and guidance."

Kira Davison (aged 18)

Kira Davison who achieved three Distinction* was over the moon.  "I've got a place at Nottingham University to study Veterinary Nursing.  I'll miss Hessle Sixth Form as the teachers have been really supportive and encouraging however I can't wait to start university in September," commented Kira.

Rachel Picken (aged 18)

Rachel Picken achieved three Distinction* was excited that she is now going to Nottingham Trent University to study Coaching and Sports Science.  "I have always loved sport and have been fully involved in all sports activities at the school, including leading courses for younger students.  I would like to thank all the staff at Hessle High School & Sixth Form College for the help and support they have given to me so that I can go to further my studies in my favourite course." commented Rachel.

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