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Sixth - Applications
Sixth - A-Levels

Hessle Sixth Form College

Elective and Enrichment

Having a great set of qualifications is a very small part of what makes a person shine. At The Consortium we fully appreciate the need to balance freedom and responsibility. We, therefore, offer a wide variety of opportunities for all our students to embrace the social aspects of Sixth Form life.

Throughout the year, all three Sixth Form Colleges are a hive of social activity. Each has its own student council/committee so you will be encouraged to get involved with planning and organising fun events and activities for everyone to get stuck into. Whether it’s a themed charity fundraising day, a Battle of the Bands contest at The Adelphi or that all important final year prom, you can be sure that you’ll want to be a part of something that’s going on!

The Consortium also offers an enrichment programme to all of its students. These activities enable useful practical skills to be gained, some of which award nationally recognised qualifications. They also give you the chance to try something new or develop a particular interest. Throughout the programme the emphasis is on having fun and taking time out from regular study.

Community Sports Leaders Award

This course is open to all students and is a progression from the Junior Sports Leaders Award. This course requires you to coach or lead activity sessions within the community. It is also a necessity for those wishing to follow the HSL. Please see Miss Boyes for details.

Higher Sports Leaders Award

This course is open to those students who have completed the CSLA and carries 30 UCAS points. Please see Miss Boyes for details. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

This is a 40hr online course and you can study at your own pace. On completion of the course students will receive an internationally accredited certificate and perhaps in the future, the chance to teach English worldwide.

In School Work Experience

We have a number of work related opportunities within school that students can take advantage of. These are limited and all posts are advertised in the Sixth Form. Application Forms can be accessed from the school office.

Extended Project Qualification

Graded at A* - E, the EPQ has the value of a full AS Level (or half an A Level). The qualification is very flexible and could be an extension of a subject you currently study, a subject you would have liked to study but haven't chosen or just relate to a major interest. You will have to produce either a 5000 word report or a 1000 word report backed up by other materials (such as film, photo evidence, an artefact, a product, sketchbooks etc). It cannot be a piece of coursework for a subject that you will already be doing anyway.

Emergency First Aid Qualification

Please see Mrs Witherwick for more information.


Please see Mrs Witherwick for more information.

Open University Short Courses

Please see Mrs Witherwick for more information.

National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification

Please see Mrs Witherwick for more information.

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