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Hessle High School

WEEK 12 - Friday 3 December 2021

This week came the announcement that Sarah Young, TCAT’s Director of Education and former Headteacher at Hessle Academy, was resigning to relocate to pastures new. Since leaving Hessle Academy, Sarah has played a pivotal role in establishing TCAT as one of the region’s most established and growing Academy Trust chains and, latterly, has provided the Headteachers of our schools with incredible support throughout the pandemic. In many ways, the pandemic has stymied a lot of the academic improvement that she had begun but our schools could not have done without her support through very difficult times.

As Headteacher of our school, her work was remarkable. When I joined the school in 2010, it was unrecognisable from the confident and successful school that we have today. Her drive, energy and passion dragged the school, and the staff, through some very dark days at times and it was a real privilege to work so closely with her and the other members of the leadership team as the school grew and improved. Sarah is relocating to the York area in the new year and will stay working in the education sector. I am sure that everyone in the Hessle community wishes her well.

The leadership team to which I refer above has entirely moved on now. Three of the original team from 2010 are headteachers now and others have retired. This thought came to mind when I met with our new Chief Executive, Lizann Lowson, yesterday and I briefed her on the emerging leadership talent that we have within our staff at the moment. I know that there are future headteachers working in our classrooms today and, hopefully, this conveyor belt of talent will ensure strong and steady leadership of our school for many years to come.

I owe my appointment as Headteacher to the mentoring and support that I received from Sarah Young and it will be my duty, and privilege, to ensure that other colleagues can benefit in a similar way.

Over Christmas, the East Riding Local Authority is providing financial support in the form of vouchers for families where children are eligible for Free School Meals.  This will be processed by the school automatically.

Finally, we shall be sending LFD test kits home with students next week as we are encouraging students to continue with the twice weekly throughout the Christmas break. When students return to school in January (Wednesday 5 January) we will be offering them an on-site LFD test. These will be carried out whilst the students are in school. We will shortly be sending out more information and a form for you to complete if you wish your child to be tested. If you are able to test your child at home before they return to school then it will not be necessary for them to have the LFD test in school.

Suddenly, it is nearly Christmas. I always find that time gets away from me at this time of year.  One moment I am complaining that the Christmas adverts are on TV way too early; the next minute it is December and I haven’t prepared a thing. Thankfully, tomorrow is when Christmas begins in the Groak household. The tree is going up, there are a couple of Christmas films lined up on Netflix and there will be no schoolwork or any visitors. I can’t wait.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Groak