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Hessle High School

The journey continues...

As our young people continue their education, making the transition into Hessle High School & Sixth Form College, our curriculum and expectations grow and change to ensure they are receiving the best possible education and are equipped to take advantage of all the opportunities available.

At this stage in their learning journey students are encouraged to think for themselves, develop their own opinions, question and reflect on what they have learnt. They are also encouraged to apply the skills theyโ€™ve learnt in the classroom, such as team work, respect and self confidence, in everyday life.

It is important to us that our students leave us as confident young people with the best possible foundations for the future, and we want them to look back on their years at Hessle High School with fondness and pride.

Hessle High School is an inclusive school where students have many opportunities to develop their skills and abilities. We are proud of all our achievements, not only in fostering examination success, but also in offering all students a relevant learning experience for their future.

Our core Values are reflected in our day to day life both within the school setting and in the wider community.     

Defining Achievements

The first time you walked through the doors into big school, the first friend you made in class, the first time you made a sports team, the first time you solved a complicated problem, the time you selected your KS4 options, the time you finished your exams.

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