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Hessle High School

WEEK 36 - Friday 28 June 2024

The theme this week has been ‘Proms’.  Whatever you think about the concept of a school prom, it is definitely a big event in the life of most 15-16 year olds and, as Hessle’s previous head, Sarah Young, once told me, ‘whatever you do, don’t ever be the Headteacher who cancels the Prom!’ 

And I haven’t.  Even during Covid we managed to put on the 2021 Prom on the school site, although sadly the 2020 Prom was cancelled entirely.  Since then, and since the demise of Willerby Manor Hotel, we have moved the event around a little but this year it was held at the Mercure Hotel in Willerby and I am confident that we have now found a home for this event.  

The students certainly fed back that they enjoyed the venue and, on a lovely night, they made full use of the large garden at the back of the hotel, filling up the picnic benches, sitting on the grass and enjoying the tree swing and giant games.  The focal point of the Prom is probably the arrival when they all turn up in their finery and their chosen modes of transport (party bus, flatbed truck and horse drawn carriage stood out this year).   It is at this time when most of the parents, siblings, grandparents are there, as well as many staff.  For several years now they have also been serenaded by Mr Sellers and his swing band who provide musical backdrop to this part of the evening.   

During the event itself, Mr Leckenby and Miss Wilkin worked hard to ensure that all the students had the best time and then there was plenty of fun as the awards were read out.  The ‘Best Teacher’ is also much-coveted by the staff and, this year, it was Mr Compton who scooped the award, not only for his work teaching Maths but for also leading the boys’ rugby team for the past few years. 

The next night it was on to the Year 13 Prom at Social on Humber Street.  This is a slightly different occasion as you would expect but nonetheless a great time for students and staff to celebrate together at the end of years of support.  There were similar awards for students and staff once again and Mr Compton this time picked up an award for ‘the teacher most likely to come to school in his slippers!’.  I told him that I don’t really wish to know the story that sits behind that award! 


At this time of year, it is imperative that we continue to maintain high standards of uniform and general conduct. I am delighted that students have responded well to the recent hot weather by continuing to wear normal uniform unless told otherwise. I am extremely proud of our very high standards of uniform across the school and know that this is only achieved with your support. Thank you very much. 


Last Monday, all our staff came together for a Celebration Tea following the publication of our Ofsted report. Cleaners, caretakers, support staff, teachers and leaders were all there to share in the success of the year to date. I firmly believe that everyone that was present plays their pivotal part in the success of our school and so it was with great pride that I thanked them for their contribution. If you haven’t yet read our report, please do so here


This weekend I fulfill my half of the Bruce/Pink deal that I struck with my sister at Christmas.  Tomorrow morning, we are heading up to Glasgow to see Pink in concert.  My sister has seen her multiple times, but it is my first time.  I have tried in the past few days to familiarise myself with her music and – as is often the case – I have realised that I knew quite a lot of her songs anyway!  So I am looking forward to getting ‘the party started!’ 

Enjoy the weekend and thank you for your ongoing support. 

Mr Groak