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Hessle High School

WEEK 27 - Friday 23 April 2021

Like many American cultural imports, the High School Prom has become a part of our way of life in Secondary Schools.  Students begin to get excited about the prom very early, often in Years 9 and 10, and reaches fever pitch towards the end of Year 11.  There is no more effective leverage in schools than the threat of a Prom ban; although, given the devastation it wreaks on students, it is very rarely enforced!

Whilst the Prom is always a delightful way to send off our Year 11 students, it is not for everyone and the spiralling cost of outfits, transport and so on have made it difficult for all of our students to attend in the past, something that we have been acutely aware of for some time.  Covid has forced change in many areas and the School Prom is now another.  Because of the difficulty of finding a suitable venue, we have taken the decision this year to host the Prom on the school site and, given the size of the site and the ease of access, we hope to be able to welcome all of our students this year.

All of which gave rise to the idea of a Prom Hire shop to ensure that the event was affordable to all.  This was the brainchild of our Head of Year Mrs Taylor and Assistant Head of Year, Miss Staveley who wanted to do something for the students who find it difficult to attend.  They began by putting together a few donated items but then, spurred on by the students , who thought it was a great idea, they decided to promote the idea outside of school in the hope that they may attract more donated dresses and suits.  To say that they have been blown away by the response would be an understatement.   Items have come in from ex-students, parents, local residents and from as far afield as London.  One local shop has donated five brand new dresses and others have offered cash to pay for the ticket of some students.  The story gathered so much traction that the Hull Daily Mail even took interest and you can find their article here.  

We never imagined that the local community would get behind our idea so enthusiastically and it really has taken us aback.  We are now anticipating one of our biggest ever Proms and are looking to add even more entertainment and activities for the night itself.

After an incredibly difficult year or so, we are thrilled that we are able to give our Year 11s such a positive event with which to remember their time at Hessle High School and we are indebted to the generosity of our school community and beyond in making this happen.

Finally, this is a busy time of year at the school as we look to increase our teaching staff to cope with the increasing numbers of students attracted to the school.  Thanks to the reputation that the students and parents and staff have created over time, recruitment is much easier than it has been in the past and we have been able to appoint, in recent days, highly qualified teachers of Maths and Computer Science.  In the coming weeks, we also have strong fields for the posts of Teacher of English and of Design and Technology.

The quality of a school can never exceed the quality of its teaching staff and so I am delighted and proud that such high quality staff are choosing to work at our school and I look forward to you meeting them in the months and years to come.

Take care and enjoy the weekend

Mr V Groak