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Hessle High School

WEEK 34 - Friday 17 June 2022

Sometimes it is just the smallest act of kindness that makes it all worthwhile. This week, it has been quite common to see students arriving at school in the morning with present bags or bunches of flowers. And then, at the end of the day, we have seen staff colleagues heading to their cars with the same flowers and gifts. This week, I myself received a bar of Latvian chocolate from a Year 13 student who I have taught and who wanted to share with me a chocolate bar from his home country. These small gifts do wonders for teachers and support staff and demonstrate that the hard work that they have put into supporting and teaching our young people really are appreciated.  

But we do not need to be given a gift to be appreciated. Last week, Mrs Newman, Assistant Head of Year 9, left us to take up a position elsewhere. On her final few days, various students from her year group came to find her to wish her well, to thank her and to give her gifts. The item that touched her the most was a handmade card that had been put together by a couple of dozen students, some of whom had not always seen eye-to-eye with Mrs Newman (to put it mildly). Each of them had written a lovely, heartfelt message which really summed up the importance of the relationships that our staff have with students. The one that struck home the best for me was the one that simply said, “Whatever it is, u just sort it.  Thanx.’ ‘Thank yous’ go a long way and are really appreciated. Thanks also to those of you that sent best wishes to Mrs Newman and to those that have contacted the school to thank staff for the support of your child in Year 11 and Year 13. 

Mrs Todd (Head of Year 10) has written to her parents reiterating our uniform policy and especially that which relates to girl’s choice of skirts. It is always tempting as we get close to the end of the school year to lower our expectations around school uniform but that is not, and never will be, our stance. Our students expect to be taught well until the very last day of term and so we, in return, expect the highest of standards from them.  Please continue to support us with this and ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform at all times before they leave home and that they know you will support us if they breach these policies.  This also applies to the wearing of jewellery, choice of hair colour and styles and piercings etc.  

I wrote previously in this blog of my admiration for Bruce Springsteen and those of you that share this passion will know that he is going on the road again in 2023. To date, only European dates have been announced and so, a few weeks ago, I checked out the dates and looked at when I could realistically get to a show overseas. Most shows sold out in minutes and the only availability was a single ticket for a show in Sweden. And so, my 2023 Bruce Springsteen tour to date will consist of me travelling alone to Gothenberg on a Saturday next June. I don’t have any flights yet but I am going for it - and my excitement knows no bounds! My wife thinks I’m mad and the kids think I’m weird but, hey ho, you only live once!

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully you can avoid the thunderstorms!

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mr Groak