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Hessle High School

WEEK 38 - Friday 15 July 2022

As we approach the end of term, our overriding concern is to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our students next week when the temperatures are forecast to reach 35 degrees by Tuesday. I have written to parents today with the news that we have had to cancel Sports Day; we will look to reschedule and, if this is possible, will keep you informed. We have also made some revisions to uniform and will not expect students to wear blazer or tie. If they come to school in a loose-fitting white cotton shirt, preferably short sleeved, and spend most of the day in the shade or indoors, this is the best approach. We will ensure that plenty of water is available and ask that parents make sure students have their own water bottle which they can refill during the day. 

We have spoken to all students this week about taking responsibility for their own wellbeing next year and ensuring they stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water. We will, of course, monitor this too. 

Students with medical conditions will be monitored very closely and if you have any concerns about your child's health during these high temperatures, please contact the school

Thank you in advance for your support and I hope we can enjoy the weather as long as we keep safe. Of course, we do live in England and it may be that it rains for two days instead, but better safe than sorry!

The forecast for Wednesday is for a cooler day and so all students need to be in normal uniform from Wednesday onwards. Even though it is the end of term, I am delighted to see such high standards of uniform across all year subjects and we thank you for your continued support with uniform standards.

As you know, the school year ends next Friday and we will mark this with a tutor group party from 1pm and then all students will leave at 1.45pm.  

There is much to inform you about with regards to the new school year and so I will be writing an end-of-term newsletter which will include information on key dates etc, to arrive with you no later than Thursday next week.  

In the meantime, try to enjoy the weather safely and have a lovely weekend.  

Mr Groak